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  • HEA 522: Crisis Mgt/Prevention High Ed

    Graduate 3 credits

    This course will explore the critical role that student safety and effective institutional management of student crises play in the academic and social success of students. Risk factors such as mental health issues, alcohol and other drug use, and violence will be examined, as well as protective factors such as sense of belonging/community, health and wellness, and self-efficacy. Course participants will become familiar with latest best practices in institutional strategies to creating a safe environment for learning. (Formerly CEK 522.)

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter1391S30Lawrence ZacareseFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Closed
  • HEA 524: Enrollment Management

    Graduate 3 credits

    This course covers marketing the university, programs to attract applicants, the application process, generating and applying models for predicting enrollment, and assessing outcomes, including ratios such as applicant-to-accept, accept-to-enrollment, and enrollment-to-retention, and graduation rates. Issues of selectivity, financial aid leveraging (merit and need-based scholarships and aid programs), and linkages between academic and student affairs are covered. The prime focus is undergraduate enrollment, but the course also examines graduate and professional school enrollment. Learn roles of admissions officers and counselors, information technology and data processing professionals, and institutional research analysts. Ways to attract and retain students, increase selectivity and enrollment, and improve students' academic and social integration and success are highlighted. Formerly CEK 524.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter1219S30Meaghan ArenaFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Closed
  • HEA 526: Career Counseling-Psy of Work

    Graduate 3 credits

    A comprehensive overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of career development, career counseling, and the psychology of working. Fundamental career development theories will be presented with emphasis on application within the college student population. Readings and discussions will cover the psychological aspects of career indecision, as well as family, social and cultural factors which influence career identity formation of a college student. Students will explore the complex ways in which economics and politics define the contemporary world of work and shape a student¿s career choices and decisions. A practice of integrative career counseling approaches via case study analysis will be emphasized. Pre/Co-requisite: CEK 502. Formerly CEK 526.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter1392S30Elena PolenovaFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
  • HEA 527: Community College Admin

    Graduate 3 credits

    A study of the history, philosophy, nature, and administrative functions of the community college in the United States. This course introduces concepts related to the knowledge and skills that will enable a reflective community college administrator to effectively and efficiently navigate the issues associated with administering a community college in the 21st century.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter1223S30Charles HarrisFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
  • HEA 540: Critical Issues in Higher Ed

    Graduate 3 credits

    In this advanced seminar students address critical questions pertaining to US higher education. The topics selected represent themes that continue to elude resolution, but nonetheless generate thoughtful and often heated discussion, argument and debate. A list of subjects to be covered includes, but is not limited to: Affirmative Action, the Rising Cost of College Tuition, Collective Bargaining & Tenure, Distance Education, MOOC's, Collegiate Sports, Non-Traditional Students, and Campus Safety. This is a special topics course. Students may repeat the course 2 times for a maximum of 6 credits. Formerly CEK 540.

    Session Class # Section Topic Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter1218S30First-Year Student Success Stephanie FooteFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
    Winter1390S31Teaching & Learning In H.e. Liza BolitzerFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
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