Health Sciences Application Procedures

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Health Sciences Application Procedures

These majors are upper-division and require completion of 57 college credits and specific courses/grade prerequisites.

First-year students interested in these majors will initially enter through the College of Arts and Sciences, where they enroll in the required course prerequisites. An application to your major of interest will need to be filed through the Health Sciences Office of Student Services the year in which you anticipate completing all prerequisites.

Transfer applicants who have not yet completed the prerequisites for an upper-division health science program should attend an information session for that program prior to applying for admission. You will learn more about the admissions requirements for the program, including specific courses prerequisites, minimum GPA, and related healthcare experience. You will also learn about the application deadline and start date. When possible, it is advisable to complete any specific course prerequisites you still need at your current institution. Do not file an application through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.