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Certification and Licensing Workshops

For Teacher and Administrator Certification Applicants and Teacher/Administrator Preparation Program Candidates

The New York State Education Department requires all applicants for teacher and administrator certifications and students enrolled in teacher/admInistrator preparation programs to complete the following workshops:

  • Identifying and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
  • Prevention and Intervention of School Violence (SAVE)
  • Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

In addition, Stony Brook University requires all teacher preparation program students to complete the Identification and Referral of Substance Abuse Workshop in order to receive their degrees.

Those students who are applying for Students with Disabilities certification must take the Autism Workshop.

Furthermore, New York State law may require licensed professionals to complete one or more of the workshops listed above.

Who May Take These Workshops

These workshops are available to Stony Brook University and non-Stony Brook University students.  If you are not a Stony Brook University student, please consult with your school's teacher certification advisor or the NYSED website for specific certification requirements prior to enrolling in a workshop.

Schedule and Rates

All workshops are offered numerous times throughout the year.  These workshops are delivered in an online-only format.  Registration fees are subject to change dependent upon university rates.


Workshop Schedule

Dignity for All Students Act (Training in Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention)
NCE 604 • 1 Session • Fee: $115 
Fully online: Combination of synchronous (live) online + asynchronous work totaling 6 hours

Under the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), the Commissioner of Education’s Regulations have been amended to require all teacher, pupil personnel and school leadership preparation programs to include at least six hours of training in Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention. This requirement went into effect on December 31, 2013.

The six hours of required instruction will be divided in the following manner:

  • Students will attend a three-hour face-to-face, synchronous online session; available sessions are from 9 am-12 noon. 
  • After the session, students will be be given two weeks to complete authentic activities and papers, which must be submitted online via Blackboard. 
  • At noon on the second Saturday, all assignments must be submitted electronically through Blackboard.  The Blackboard course site will be closed; no further submissions will be accepted.

Completed and signed PDFs of the certificate of completions will be emailed to each student to print upon successful completion of the workshop and after the conclusion of the two week online period.  All Stony Brook students will be able to use their net IDs for Blackboard access.  All non-Stony Brook University students will be given access to Blackboard to complete the on-line portion of this workshop.

Note: Class size is limited; advance registration required. Due to the class size limitation and the on-line coursework requirement of the workshop SPD will not authorize any refunds.

Training in Identifying and Reporting Suspected Cases of Child Abuse and Maltreatment
NCE 600 • Online Synchronous  •  6-8pm • Fee: $49 

This workshop provides documentation that the student has completed two (clock) hours of New York State approved coursework or training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and maltreatment.
Note: Class size is limited; advance registration required. 

Project SAVE (Prevention and Intervention of School Violence)
NCE 602 • Online Synchronous •  8-10pm  •  Fee: $49 

New York State law requires attendance and successful completion of a one-session workshop on school violence.
Note: Class size is limited; advance registration required. 

Autism Workshop
NCE 605 • Online Synchronous  • 6-9pm • Fee: $55 

This workshop is one, three-hour session, on a Wednesday evening.  Students are required to be present for the full three hours.  This workshop provides documentation that the student has completed the New York State approved coursework.

Note: Class size is limited; advance registration required. This workshop is required for Students With Disabilities candidates and optional for all others. 

Identification and Referral of Substance Abuse
NCE 601 • Online Synchronous  • 6-8pm • Fee: $49

This course is designed to assist educators in defining their role in the process of getting students connected to help for possible substance abuse problems. An overview of signs and symptoms, risk factors and the average age of onset of substance abuse will be explored. Issues and common indicators for identifying children of alcoholics and substance abusers will be discussed along with how teachers can help. The final part of this class will examine what a referral for help is, the educator’s role and common obstacles to making a referral.
Note: Stony Brook University teacher candidates are required to take this substance abuse workshop. The workshop does not need to appear on participants' TEACH accounts (nor will it appear). Class size is limited and advance registration required.