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Since its establishment in 1985, the Center for Italian Studies has become an integral part of the Italian and Italian-American community on Long Island.   Continue Reading

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The Center for Italian Studies at Stony Brook University  hosted the US component of a two-series international conference, “The Challenge of Migration in Europe and the United States: Comparing Policies and Models of Reception,” November 2 through November 4 at various locations on campus.

The conference was  offered with support from Richard T. Nasti, chairperson for the Center for Italian Studies Advisory Council.

The program included presentations by judges, prosecutors, journalists, religious and labor representatives, and scholars. Discourse and analysis continued  on the causes, behavior and effects of both voluntary and forced migration across Europe and North America  that  were formerly intiated in the European counterpart of this conference, held in Agrigento, Sicily, in June 2017.

The conference proceedings will soon be available on this website in video form and also will be published as an offering in the Forum Italicum Filibrary series.

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