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May 16, 2017, Rome, Italy

Stony Brook’s Distinguished Service Professor and Director of the Center for Italian Studies, Mario B. Mignone, Honored in the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament


Professor Mario B. Mignone, D irector of the Center for Italian Studies, had the honor to celebrate the fiftieth year of publication of  Forum Italicum, a journal of Italian Studies, of which he has been Editor for the past twenty-five years, before the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament in Rome.  On this occasion a special issue of the  Forum ItalicumLucania within Us: Carlo Levi e Rocco Scotellaro, a volume of 722 pages, was presented by a panel that included, Mario Mignone along with  the Hon. Stefano Dambruoso (Commissioner of the Chamber of Deputies), Vito De Filippo (Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of University Education and Research), Antonio Felice Uricchio (President of the University of Bari), and the guest editors of the volume: Giulia Dell'Aquila and Franco Vitelli (University of Bari), and Sebastiano Martelli (University of Salerno).

general3This anniversary celebration provided both a veritable homage to the fifty year history of the journal, for its contributions to the knowledge and diffusion of Italian culture and literature throughout the world and an opportunity especially to recognize its annual special issue intended to deepen themes and authors of Italian literature studied in the context of Italian culture, history, and society. 

The volume being recognized on this occasion:  Lucania within us. Carlo Levi e Rocco Scotellaro (August 2016) presents the literary contributions of two important Italian writers who had a profound impact, through their writings and political and civic actions, on Italian society in postwar Italy. In focusing on these two writers in combination with the textual contributions of literary intellectuals, journalists, economists, sociologists, and anthropologists, attention is directed inescapably to studying Italy's “Southern Question” and uniquely the mosaic of the wide and deep complexity of the life of farmers rooted in secular traditions strongly attached to their natural habitat.  The rich interdisciplinary perspective and the sense of openness derived from the fact that the two writers are translated into many languages, enable a more universal way of viewing the farmer’s world with values rooted in mother-earth.


  The involvement of well known intellectuals and writers ( Goffredo Fofi, Nicola Lagioia, Sandra Petrignani, Alessandro Leogrande, Alfonso Guida), of famous photographers, directors, playwrights (Mario Carbone, Luigi Di Gianni, Maricla Boggio) and the contribution of scholarly authoritative supporters of many Italian and foreign universities, present a volume that depicts a way of life with values rooted in mother-earth that are universal.   From such an interdisciplinary dimension that is historic, literary, linguistic-philological, socio-anthropological, artistic, musical, cinematic, La Lucania dentro di noi  becomes a metaphorical representation of the spiritual and material state present throughout the world, today. 



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