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Tracking Attendance At Your Events

 Choose which works best for your organization

Tracking Attendance

Option 1: Mobile Check in

Requires: Mobile Check in App

Mobile Check in

Student Engagement & Activities is excited to implement the Event Check In App for the 19-20 Academic Year. This app makes  attendance tracking easier than ever. A seamless process and easy-to-use interface will make checking in for events a part of your new routine.


One of the benefits of the Event Check-in App is that you don’t have to keep track of card swiping hardware. The system leverages smart phones or devices to complete the process. The simple setup requires two main components:  an event pass  for attending users, and the   mobile app to scan passes.

The event pass is similar to a mobile boarding pass. It’s   unique   to each user and it’s tied to their SB Engaged account. All students can simply access their event pass through Corq or SB Engaged. Once they access it, they can save it to their digital wallet, print it, or screen shot it for easy access.

For more information on accessing your mobile pass click   here.  

*Important: Only page administrators who are checking users in will need to download the app*

Checking Attendees in for Events

To start checking guests in, download the free app:  Campus Labs® Event Check-in 

check in gplay

Using the mobile app

Once you’ve downloaded the app, and open it the first screen will ask you to enter an event access code. This code is provided after you   create an event   within SB Engaged.

If you haven’t created an event, you’ll need to do this first before you can use the app to track attendance.



To locate the code, navigate to the event through the Action Center. The access code should appear in the bottom right of the screen once you click on the appropriate event.


  Enter the code into the event check in mobile app, tap   Start Session , and you’ll be prompted to sign in. Type in your credentials (Stony Brook Net ID) and you’ll be directed to the event’s check-in page.

Tap   Start Scanning  and you’re ready to scan! If your phone asks for permission to use your camera, choose “yes” because it will need the camera in order to scan event passes. Position the edges of the box over the edges of an attendee’s Event Pass. 

For information regarding how to access an event pass, click   here

As soon as it recognizes the user, it will display a box with their basic details, including their RSVP status. Tap   Check In  to confirm the user and click   OK   to continue scanning.

If you come across an attendee without a mobile pass, tap   No Pass?  below the scanning area or select   Lookup  from the bottom menu.

Search for the attendee by name or email and when you find the right person, tap their name to confirm their check-in. If searching by email, you will need to enter the complete email address of the user to locate them.

If the attendee is not in the system, you can add them by email if you click the plus sign in the top right of the screen, type in their email address, and submit.

At any point, you can toggle between scanning passes and the attendee list. Tap   Attendees  in the bottom right of the screen to view the full list of attendees. If you need to remove someone from this list, tap on their name, swipe left, then select   Remove .  

Final Steps

When you’re done tracking attendance, there are no additional steps required. You can close the app and all of your attendance information will be saved. While not required, you can end your check-in session if you tap on your profile picture in the top left of the screen, then select   End Session . You’ll also find a feedback option on this page. 

For detailed FAQ please click  here . If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


* Note : You can have multiple people with the Event Check in App scanning people in*  

  Option 2: Attendance Tracking using ID Swiping

Requires: Computer, USB Swiper & Attendee ID Card

  * You can use both methods at a single event*
  1. Go to the event page in SB Engaged and select “ Manage Event
  2. Select Track Attendance
  3. Copy Swipe Access Code, and click on swipe page URL
  4. Enter Access code into box and press submit
  5. Connect swiper to computer via USB and begin swiping 

Swipers are available for borrow from our office in SAC 218 or can be purchased on Amazon for a reasonable price.