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Intramural Sports Team of the Year

Teams earn points toward becoming the intramural team of the year by participation in multiple sports. Simply keep your team name for every sport you register. You don't need to keep the same roster from sport to sport however. 'Intramural Sports Team of the Year' will be recognized by their name appearing on a banner hung in the recreation center basketball courts.

team of the year banner     Gym Floor


Stony Brook University - University Cup Points System

Points are awarded according to:
Competitive Points (Standings: what place the team finishes)

Competitive Point System:

1st place – 100 points

2nd place – 80 points

3rd & 4th place – 60 points

5th through 8th place – 40 points

Sportsmanship Point System:

4 – 50 points

3+ – 30 points

2+ – 10 points

Participation System:

40 points

For more information email Wyatt Cushman,


Past Winners

 Past winners are on display on the team of the year banner hanging in the wood court rafters.