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What is GROW?

GROW (or the Guided Reflection on Work) is a nationally recognized model that allows for brief, structured conversations between student staff and supervisors about the connections between work and academics.

Who created GROW? GROW was created by the University of Iowa and more than 150 schools use the model with student staff on their campuses.
How does GROW work? The GROW model provides four questions that supervisors ask their student staff to answer. Conversations can be in an individual or group setting. Individual conversations should not last more than five minutes. 
What are the four GROW questions?
  1. Where do you see overlap between what you are learning here, and what you are learning in your classes?
  2. What are some things you're learning here that would be useful to you in a future career?
  3. How is the work you do here helping you to learn skills that will help you succeed in your academics?
  4. How is the work you do here helping you to learn skills that will help you succeed in your future career?

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What learning competencies and skills should students be acquiring?

Learning competencies and skills include: communication, digital technology, global understanding, leadership, problem solving, professionalism, self-awareness/career management, and teamwork. For more information regarding competencies, click here.

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How do I start using GROW?

Supervisors interested in GROW must attend a mandatory GROW Supervisor Training. To sign up for a GROW Supervisor Training, please complete the GROW Supervisor Training Request Form. With additional questions, please call 631-632-1198.