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Federal Work Study provides employment opportunities to eligible matriculated students through the federal campus-based aid program. Students who are hired for federal work study receive 100% compensation from their financial aid package. In other words, if you hire a work study student your department will not have to pay the student out of the departmental budget. 

Priority consideration is given to students who file a FAFSA by the respective deadline designations (listed below). The award amount is based on the student's financial need, the availability of campus funds, the number of weekly hours the student can work, and the current pay rate. Students receive Federal Work Study funds in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck.  

Student Type Priority Deadline
Freshman February 15th
Continuing February 15th

For more information please contact the  Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

When hiring students in SOLAR, please remember to select a correct   Job Code   in the assignment:

  • Select  1721 if the assignment must be filled with a  Federal Work Study Student.  
  • Select  1971 if the assignment must be filled with a  Student Assistant.

If you create an assignment with the job code 1721, this will guarantee that no money will come from your department's budget. For more details about creating an assignment, please click  here