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Labor Market Stalls As Workers Broaden Skill Sets for New Careers

Many turn to training to position themselves for post-pandemic opportunities

In a story  published on June 28, NBC News looks at how the labor market is being affected by employees who are stopping out of the workforce to reposition themselves for post-pandemic careers.

The article, "Is it a sluggish labor market — or workers positioning themselves for better opportunities?,"  includes insights from Patricia Malone, Associate Vice President at Stony Brook University's School of Professional Development. "The world has come alive again, but there are different parts of the economy that are struggling to maintain enough employees," said Ms. Malone.

Jacqueline McCarthy, a displaced aerospace employee, has enrolled in SPD's programs to gain skills to transition into a new career in an emerging field. She says, "The additional funding unemployment afforded me definitely gave me a little breathing room so I could explore some other avenues and try to discover my niche."

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