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Adolescence Education Grades 5-6 Extension

Stony Brook University is pleased to announce a new certification extension for teachers currently holding Adolescence Education certification (Grades 7-12) in any content area. The annotation requires completion of a six credit curriculum and application to NYSED through their TEACH Website.

Certified Teachers

Those individuals currently holding or seeking an Adolescence Education Certification (Grades 7 - 12) in any content area now have the opportunity to complete two courses that will add a Grades 5 - 6 extension to their teaching licenses. Upon completion of CEE 601 - Early Adolescent Development and C EE 602 - Middle Child Education: Instruction (see descriptions below), individuals who are not currently in Stony Brook teacher preparation programs and are licensed in Adolescence Education, regardless of content area, will be able to file on the TEACH website for this extension through the individual evaluation pathway.

For further information on admission to Stony Brook and registration for Stony Brook courses, please contact the School of Professional Development (SPD) by phone: 631-632-7050 or via email at: .

Current Students

Currently matriculated students in Stony Brook’s undergraduate or graduate teacher preparation programs (MAT and/or combined Bachelor/MAT) may now include an option to extend their certification program requirements to cover Grades 5 and 6 with institutional recommendation. These students are required to take CEE 601 - Early Adolescent Development and C EE 602 - Middle Child Education: Instruction (see descriptions below), in addition to all other MAT program requirements.

Candidates in Stony Brook’s teacher preparation programs should contact their program directors for additional information ( see chart below). Course descriptions are provided below; scheduling information may be found on  SOLAR.


The required courses are as follows:

CEE 601 Early Adolescent Development: Social, Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual Challenges
This course will address the unique social, emotional, physical and intellectual challenges faced by 10-14 year old children, known as the period of early adolescence. Critical understanding of these characteristics and transformations will be an essential part of the course, along with a review of the important work of Piaget, Erickson and others who have made significant contributions toward our understanding and ability to effectively teach this age group. The vital elements of parental involvement and responsiveness to diversity will also be emphasized.  Teachers will be prepared to transition to the middle school classroom through deep appreciation for and understanding of the children they will teach in grades 5-8.

CEE 602 Middle Child Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Based on a four corner framework for quality teaching, this course examines how to set the climate, teach the content, facilitate the interactions and foster reflection in the middle school classroom. The course focuses on using brain based instruction as the basis for learning and processes for making data-driven instructional decisions and for designing curriculum to address the standards. In addition, emphasis is given to three critical instructional strategies: cooperative group instruction, a multiple intelligences approach and a higher order thinking skills. Woven throughout the course content is the concept of differentiating instruction and assessment of individual learners.

Program Directors:


Program Directors/Advisors

Biology: BS/MAT and MAT

Dr. Zuzana Zachar
Telephone: 631-632-8970

Chemistry: BS/MAT and MAT

Dr. Susan Oatis
Telephone: 631-632-1571

Earth Science: BA/MAT and MAT

Dr. Gilbert Hanson
Telephone: 631-632-8210

English: BA/MA or MAT


Dr. Nicole Galante
Telephone: 631-632-4236 

Foreign Languages: BA/MAT or MAT

Dr. Sarah Jourdain, Director
Telephone: 631-632- 7440 

Mathematics: BS/MAT and MAT

Alexander Kirillov , PhD
Acting Co-Director
Tel: (631 )632-8289 

Marco Martens , PhD
Acting Co-Director
Tel: (631) 632-4893

Jason Star, PhD
Acting Co-Director 
Tel: (631) 632-8270

Physics: BS/MAT and MAT

Dr. Robert McCarthy
Telephone: 631-632-8086

Social Studies: BA/MA in History, BA/MAT and MAT in Social Studies

Lawrence Frohman, Director
Telephone: 631-632-4992


*With the exception of TESOL, which is a Pre K-12 program

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