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Leadership Development Seminars

For assistant principals and teacher-leaders who want to lead schools


A NYSED-funded Diversity Leadership Initiative Program

As part of a statewide effort to strengthen and diversify local leadership pipelines, we are pleased to offer assistant principals or teacher leaders and their schools’ leadership teams a no-cost opportunity to participate in equity-focused leadership development seminars.

Our theory of action is that diverse aspiring principals (assistant principals and teacher leaders) need opportunities to lead equity-focused improvement work, address equity challenges as new leaders, or develop community-based partnerships. This includes developing inquiry, team-building, and communication skills. As part of these efforts, participants will learn to navigate potential diversity challenges in the problems they target or the relationship building work they will do. Each seminar series has a different focus and opportunity for improvement work.


These seminar series are for assistant principals and teacher leaders who aspire for leadership advancement and would benefit from one of the series as a means of leadership development and readiness.

Participants are eligible to enroll in one of three seminar series, based on their interest and priorities.

The program will accept 20-25 assistant principals or teacher leaders for each seminar series and will be working with them as whole groups and in small, facilitated groups throughout the series. 

Each participant should have principal support for their participation and the engagement of a team of  3-5 teachers and other staff  for follow up work.

Priority will be given to the recruitment of diverse assistant principals/teachers and/or schools with diverse teams.


Each seminar series consists of six virtual two-hour sessions, scheduled  every three weeks from September 29, 2023 to January 5, 2024. Each session will run from 9 to 11 am, in which assistant principals/teacher leaders and their leadership teams will engage in direct learning, small group work and cross-school work, working closely with a facilitator.



Leadership Seminar Options

About The Diversity Leadership Initiative

The Diversity Leadership Initiative was made possible through the work of the Metropolitan Council of Education Administration Programs (MCEAP) executive committee and has received funding from a New York State Education Department (NYSED) grant. The grant's objectives are to help create a pipeline for emerging school leaders, to conduct and disseminate research on the effective strategies being used in the field, and to foster new and better leadership skills to integrate diversity and inclusion efforts deeply into school priorities, culture and operations.

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Kenneth Forman, PhD

Assistant Director
Educational Leadership Program

Grant Administrator
Diversity Leadership Initiative