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Leaves and Withdrawals

Leave of Absence

School of Professional Development (non-matriculated and matriculated) students do not need to request a leave of absence if they do not plan to enroll in a given semester, however they are asked to keep their program apprised of their leave and anticipated return. Students may need to contact upon their return to have their student record term-activated to allow for enrollment.

Non-matriculated students will be discontinued after three semesters (fall and spring only) of no enrollment. Readmission requires a new application and fee.

Matriculated master’s students will be discontinued after five continuous semesters without enrollment (fall and spring only). Readmission requires a new application and fee.

Withdrawal from the University

The process of withdrawing from the University is a formal procedure that the student must initiate. A student finding it necessary to withdraw from the University must first withdraw themselves from any course or courses either via SOLAR or submission of a completed Retroactive Add/Drop Registration form. Once withdrawn from all courses in the given semester, they must submit an Official Withdrawal from Program form to the graduate program director and the School of Professional Development.

  • Students may withdraw from the University up to the last day of classes; however, financial liability to the University still remains. Permission may be granted by the School of Professional Development by submitting a completed Retroactive Add, Drop or Registration form, which can be downloaded on the Forms page of the SPD website.
  • Students are urged to discuss all withdrawals with their graduate program director before such an action is taken. International students must discuss withdrawals with an international student advisor before initiating the process as a withdrawal may jeopardize their immigration status.

More information regarding access to systems after taking a leave of absence or withdrawal from the University can be found on the Division of Information Technology’s website, “Leaving Stony Brook?