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Transfer of Credit

A maximum of 12 credits (internal or external) may be transferred to a master’s or post-master’s program and a maximum of 6 credits may be transferred to a certificate program at Stony Brook with the approval of the program and the School of Professional Development provided that they have not been used toward the satisfaction of any degree or certificate requirements here or at another institution, and are not older than five years old.   Credits that were earned five to ten years ago, may be considered for possible transfer credit, but are not guaranteed.  Credits earned ten or more years ago are not considered eligible for transfer credit.

Transfer from Non-Matriculated Status

Students transferring from non-matriculated status are limited to a maximum of 12 graduate credits for master’s degrees and 6 credits for certificates. All graduate courses completed in non-matriculated status will be counted as part of the total graduate grade point average (GPA).

Transfer from Other Institutions

A candidate for the master’s degree may petition to transfer a maximum of 12 graduate credits from another institution toward their master’s or post-master’s degree requirements. These credits must be from an institution authorized to grant graduate degrees by recognized accredited commissions and meet the following guidelines:

  • Credits must not have been used to fulfill the requirements for either a baccalaureate or another advanced degree or certificate.
  • Credits must not be more than five years old at the time the student is admitted to graduate study at Stony Brook. Acceptance of courses older than five years but less than ten years are contingent upon support of the program director and approval by the School of Professional Development.
  • Credits must clearly be graduate level in order to be considered for transfer.
  • Credits must carry the grade of B or better. “Pass” or “Satisfactory” grades are not transferable unless these grades can be substantiated by the former institution as B (3.0) or better.
  • Grades earned in transferred courses are not counted as part of the overall GPA at Stony Brook.
  • Work from one master’s degree is not transferable to a second one.

Transfer from Non-US Institutions

Courses taken at institutions outside the United States: College-level courses completed outside the United States and recorded on official transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit, provided that the institution where the courses were taken is accredited by the Ministry of Education in that country. International transfer students who have completed college level courses outside the United States may be requested to submit proof of accreditation by the Ministry of Education or provide a WES evaluation.

Transfer between Primary and Secondary Programs

A maximum of 12 graduate credits from Stony Brook, which were earned in a primary program prior to a student being accepted into a secondary program, can be applied to the secondary program. Credits applied to the degree requirements of a primary program cannot be applied toward the degree requirements of a secondary program.

NOTE: In rare instances, the transferring of credits may vary by program. Please refer to the program listing.

Stackable Credentials for School of Professional Development Programs

Graduate-level credits earned and applied to a microcredential and/or an advanced graduate certificate program can also be applied toward a master’s degree in the School of Professional Development. These credits may also be applied to another university micro-credential, but they cannot be applied to another advanced graduate certificate program. Once a student has completed a master’s degree, that student is no longer eligible to earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate that would lead to that same master’s degree. Courses being applied cannot be more than 5 years old, and transfer credits from another institution cannot be applied in addition to the microcredential credits.