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Accelerated Bachelor's-Master's Programs

Five-year bachelor’s/master’s programs are available in several academic departments. Some are joint programs with the Graduate School while most are with the School of Professional Development. Students are allowed to take up to fifteen (15) graduate credits that will count towards both their undergraduate and graduate requirements reducing the total time for completion of the master’s degree.

 The University allows undergraduate students enrolled in a combined program to use a maximum of 15 graduate credits toward the undergraduate portion of the accelerated degree.

For complete details on program information, visit the respective content area's program page within this Bulletin.


** Leads to two separate teaching licenses, Spanish/French/Italian Grades 7-12 and TESOL Pre-K- 12)

Applying to a Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Program

Students must apply and be admitted to a combined degree program. The minimum requirements to apply include completion of at least 60 credits of college coursework and a grade point average of 3.0 or higher as an undergraduate student. Additional requirements may vary by program; contact the Graduate program for more information. All applications require approval from the undergraduate department, the corresponding Graduate Program Director and the University Teacher Certification Officer.

Matriculation into the Graduate Career

When an accelerated/combined degree student has completed a minimum of 105 undergraduate  credits,  has taken the maximum allotted number of graduate credits (8 - BA/MA-TESOL; 15 — other combined teacher prep programs) as an undergraduate student, and has less than a full-time (12 credits) undergraduate course load needed to complete their Bachelor’s degree requirements, they should matriculate into their Graduate career. Matriculation requires submission of the “SPD Change of Status” form. Students should consult with both their Undergraduate Program Director and their Graduate Program Director for advising and guidance on matriculation.