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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at SoMAS

The SoMAS Committee of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was created in 2020 in response to the widespread recognition that SoMAS, and the academic fields we represent, must embrace diversity and work to reflect the communities we serve. We will get there in part by developing and nurturing an inclusive environment in SoMAS.

The Committee includes representation from faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, and post-doctoral associates within the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

The Committee is working on a number of new studies, plans and initiatives to help recruit, support and retain a more diverse faculty, staff and student body for SoMAS.

The creation of the diversity and inclusion committee builds directly on the 2019 SoMAS Strategic Plan, which states:

“SoMAS embraces and promotes the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to provide a safe, respectful, welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment for students, staff and faculty of all backgrounds and identities including but not limited to sex, race, religion, creed, socioeconomics, ethnicity, age, geographic origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, familial status, disability, political philosophy and veteran status. We believe firmly that these values are not only moral and ethical imperatives, but also foundational elements of holistic problem-solving that engages and values multiple perspectives and opinions leading to the pursuit and creation of the best science and the most innovative solutions to pressing environmental and societal challenges.”

We embrace anti-racism efforts and commit to making changes to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds feel supported and heard. Through the efforts of the SoMAS Diversity Committee, we support SBU's Diversity Action Plan, and continually strive to provide a safe, respectful, welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment for all people, regardless of gender, race, culture, nationality or sexual preference.

If you have any questions, please email the DEI Committee Chair(s).

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members

SoMAS Diversity at a Glance

For data about the diversity at SoMAS, visit the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness, click on diversity, and subset the College / School “Marine & Atmos Sci, School of”.


Stony Brook University Career Center
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Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) / Advancement on Individual Merit (AIM)
Center for Inclusive Education (CIE)
Office of Equity and Access (OEA)
Stony Brook University Office of the Chief Diversity Office

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