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Historical Archives

SoMAS became a school at  Stony Brook University in 2007, but we have existed for more than 50 years as the Marine Sciences Research Center ( MSRC) and the Institute for Terrestrial and Planetary Atmospheres ( ITPA).  In 2015, the Sustainability Studies Department ( SUS) became part of SoMAS.

This page attempts to capture a piece of that history by providing links to digitized information, reports, images and video. SoMAS has published several series of reports and documents that are available here.


Historical Documents

  • Digital repository of Biennial Reports, Current Research and Graduate Studies Publications, Convocation Programs and Speeches, Letters, and Memos.


  • Archive of MSRC and SoMAS newsletters, including the MSRC Bulletin and MSRC Soundings

Coastal Ocean Pollution Assessment News  (COPAS) Man and the Marine Environment

  • The purpose of Coastal Ocean Pollution Assessment (COPAS) News, published from 1980 – 1987 through a NOAA Partnership, was to provide timely dissemination of information on pollution in coastal waters of the United States – its sources and effects, what is being done to eliminate or mitigate it, and what research and monitoring activities are being conducted to develop more effective strategies to manage it. We publish brief articles describing recent’ events and activities, new approaches to resolving chronic pollution problems, and early warnings of potential problems. 

Technical and Special Data Reports

  • The Technical Reports (1967-1976) Series was published as a means of making preliminary technical data available to the scientific community and interested members of the community. Issuance of a Technical Report does not constitute formal publication as defined in the International Rules of Zoological and Botanical Nomenclature.

Special Reports

  • The Special Reports (1975-present) Series was a set of reports published internally as a means of more rapidly reporting the results of its research than would typically occur in the standard refereed scientific literature. Much of the research described in these reports, however, was also eventually published in scientific journals, proceedings and books.

Working Papers

  • The Working Papers (1981-1993) Series was a set of reports published internally as a means to provide data, valuable locally, that are not generally published in national journals.

Promotional Materials and Brochures

MSRC Video Archive 

  • Videos created on behalf of the MSRC, including the Science of Long Island Sound Series.

F/V Bagatell Conversion Diary

  • Documentation of the conversion process of the F/V Bagatell into the flagship of the SoMAS Fleet: the R/V Seawolf ( News Item) ( PDF)

R/V Onrust

  • Research Vessel Onrust information


Non-Digitized Archives

The following archives are available through the SBU University Library

Environmental Defense Fund Archives

Papers, correspondence, and materials related to Charles F. Wurster's work with Environmental Defense Fund, his research, and teaching activities. Materials date from 1963 to 2005. The papers focus on two areas: legal action against DDT, Aldrin Dieldrin, and other insecticides and the activities of Environmental Defense. Wurster’s writings and correspondence as well as subject files complete the collection.  The writing series contains research articles, editorials, statements and testimony.


SoMAS / MSRC / ITPA Website History

MSRC website (PDF):   1996

Iterations of MSRC –’s collection of the Marine Science Research Center’s website

ITPA website -'s Institute for Terrestrial and Planetary Atmospheres's website


Photo Albums from the Archives

What is (was) the MSRC? Slideshow on Facebook

MSRC – This Is Your Life Google Presentation showcasing the history of MSRC as it transitions into SoMAS, created by Malcolm Bowman

Photos from the SoMAS Archives Volume 1 on Facebook

Photos from the SoMAS Archives Volume 2 on Facebook

Aerial Shots of Long Island – Images by George Rowland of MSRC on Facebook

Aerial Shots of Breach at Moriches Inlet in 1980 on Facebook