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Application Guidelines


Applicants are responsible for obtaining recommendations from 2 of their high school teachers (math/science or STEM area preferred) and should follow up to ensure that their letters are submitted by the application deadline. 

***OPTIONAL*** Letters from any previous research supervisors (if applicable) are encouraged. If applicable, a third letter of recommendation (optional) from a faculty research mentor/laboratory supervisor may be submitted by email directly to:

Guidelines (suggested) for Recommendation letter-writers: 

It is helpful if a letter of recommendation includes:

a) Applicant's strengths and weaknesses (at least one of each) that your feel are most relevant to his/her participation in the Simons Summer Research Program;

b)  One of more specific examples that best illustrate the student's engagement with science, interest in research, and/or aptitude for doing scientific work;

c) How you would rank the student's ability to work independently and to collaborate and work with others; and to thrive in an in-person/virtual research program environment

d) Any other relevant information that you would like the faculty selection committee to consider regarding the student's application.


To submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of an applicant, please use the

Late letters may be sent to: