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January 2019
2019 Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS). 
2019 Regeneron STS Scholars include 13 Simons Fellows: Kelsey Ge who worked with Dr. Brian Colle in SoMAS; Julia Grossman who worked with Dr. Troy Rasbury and Dr. William Holt in Geosciences; Angie Jang and Matthew Weltmann who worked with Dr. Benjamin Martin and Dr. David Q. Matus in Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Se Ri Lee who worked with Dr. Benjamin Hsiao in Chemistry; Arianna Pahlavan who worked with Dr. James Glimm in Applied Mathematics & Statistics; Katie Sierra who worked with Dr. Dianna Padilla in Ecology & Evolution; Megan Specht who worked with Dr. Jennie Williams in Medicine; and Elizabeth Wang who worked with Dr. Stella Tsirka in Pharmacological Sciences. We also congratulate Simons Fellows Varun Kumar, Tai Michaels, Neehal Tumma and David Wendt for being named Regeneron STS Scholars, based on STS research projects done elsewhere; Varun Kumar was also named a Regeneron STS finalist.

November 2018
Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet, a long-time Simons mentor, selected by Bethany Chen (Simons Fellow '17) to receive a Stanford University Teacher Tribute.

April 2018
Congratulations to 2011 Simons Fellows Sophia Xu and Daniel Lee, recipients of the 2018 NSF-GRFP fellowship awards.

January 2018
2018 Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS). 
2018 Regeneron STS Scholars include    Simons Fellows Mutahara Bhuiyan and Andre Yin who worked with Dr. Benjamin Hsiao in Chemistry; Bethany Chen & Kenneth Stier who worked with Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet in Medicine; Brendon Choy who worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima in Chemistry; Hannah Cole who worked with Dr. Vincent Yang in Medicine; Ella Feiner who worked with Dr. Benjamin Martin & Dr. David Q. Matus in Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Kavya Kopparapu who worked with Dr. Fusheng Wang in Computer Science; Chiu Fan Bowen (Leo) Lo who worked with Dr. Mengkun Liu in Physics & Astronomy; Gilbert Spencer who worked with Dr. John Mak of SoMAS; and Sherry Xu who worked with Dr. Jesse Hollister in Ecology & Evolution. We also congratulate Ayush Agarwal, Maggie Chen, Neha Hulkund & Shobhita Sundaram for being named Regeneron STS Scholars, based on STS research projects done elsewhere. Regeneron STS finalists include: Ella Feiner, Kavya Kopparapu; Chiu Fan Bowen Lo; and Maggie Chen. Read more about the Regeneron finalists >> here.

March 2017
Jessican Tian, 2016 Simons Fellow, in the News: "Teen invents a dip to keep germs away." See >>

October 2015

2015 Siemens Competition. 
SB Press Release 10.27.14 - 17 Siemens Competition Regional Finalists mentored at Stony Brook

September 2015
Ruchi Shah, and Ana-Maria Constantin, Simons Fellows '11, make the's 22 under 22 list:

May 2015

Recent Simons Fellows honored at the Intel ISEF competition include: Justin Barish (Systems Software); Scott Mass (Cellular & Molecular Biology); Vaishnavi Shrivastava (Biomedical and Health Sciences); and Glenn Yu (Biochemistry). Glenn will be coming back to Stony Brook to attend the Stony Brook Symposium on Chemical Synthesis in Life Sciences where his mentor, Prof. Ojima, will be honored. 

Vaishnavi Shrivastava, Simons Fellow '14, awarded first place in Bay Area biogenius competition. More>>  here.

March 2015

Saranesh PrembabuSB Press Release 3.11.15- Simons Fellow Wins Second Place Medal in Intel STS. 

Videos of previous Simons Fellows featured on SB website. View "Mentoring Excellence"  here >>.

2015 Intel STS Competition.On March 10, Saranesh Prembabu was presented with the Second Place Medal of Distinction for Innovation at the Intel STS award ceremony. See more >>.

SB Press Release 1.25.13- Four High School Students Mentored at Stony Brook Among 40 Intel STS Finalists

November 2014
Ruchi Shah, Simons Fellow '11, receives SUNY ACT Excellence and Student Initiative Scholarship.

August 2014

Joshua Kantharia, Simons Fellow '09, featured on SB website.  

Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet, "A Mentor for Life", featured on Stony Brook School of Medicine site.

March 2014 - SB feature on Intel f inalists and their mentors  (posted 3/4/14)


January 2014

Brian Ralph, Simons Fellow '10, featured on SB website.

October 2013

Drs. James & Marilyn Simons honored with 2013 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy; Edinburgh, October 17. Read more here.


May 2013

Ruchi Shah, Simons Fellow '11, now in her freshman year at Stony Brook University and a member of WISE/Scholars for Medicine, invited to speak at Forbes Women's Summit in Manhattan on May 8-9, 2013. Read more here.

  Ruchi Shah



News - 2012 Simons Fellows

SB Press Release 1.25.13 - SBU Mentors Four Intel Finalists

SB Press Release 1.9.13-  SBU Faculty Mentors 35 Semifinalists in 2013 Intel Science Competition

S012-13 Intel STS Competition. This year's Intel STS Finalists include: Kevin Chen, Mayuri Sridhar, Raghav Tripathi, and Michael Zhang.


Fall 2012 - New online application format posted for students applying to 2013 summer program.




News – 2011 Simons Fellows

Press Release 1.25.12:  Stony Brook's Intel 8

CBS Local: "LI Science Whiz Samantha Garvey Gives me Hope"


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