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School nominators/Recommenders:

Nomination Form (for School Official/Representative)
Recommendation Form (for Teachers/Mentors) 


Online Application - Part 1   (to be completed by student by January 17th, 2018)
Application - Part 2 (to be completed by student by January 17th, 2018)  
Application Instructions (PDF) (additional information on application process/requirements)

  ***Important note: On the online application (Part 1) - if you do not see the submit button, be sure to click on the form at the bottom of the page to enable scrolling down to the end of the page/form--using down arrow key. Please contact Brian Frank at 631.632.7077 or if you have any questions.

All supporting application materials (application Part 2, transcript, recommendation forms and letters) should be packaged together collectively by school representative handling nominations and sent to the following address:

Simons Summer Research Program
Stony Brook University
Melville Library N-3071
Stony Brook, New York 11794-3357

The nomination form should be included with the application where possible. PLEASE NO STAPLES!

The deadline for all above items is January 17th, 2018 (postmarked). No exceptions!

*Please note that we will confirm all Simons program applications received about a week after the deadline.*


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