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Please check back in mid-November for information regarding summer 2022.

What do I need to do BEFORE the Simons program begins?
Once you've been accepted into the Simons Summer Research program and received the name of your research supervisor, we encourage you to contact your mentor directly and ask for recommendations regarding papers you might read to get a sense of the lab's goals and ongoing research projects. Find out who will be your other colleagues (undergrad and grad students, post docs) in the lab/research group. Lab safety sessions (required) will be arranged for Simons Fellows in the first week of the program.

Are all Simons Fellows encouraged/expected to compete in national science competitions?
A Simons Program research project is subject to time constraints and will not generally satisfy the more comprehensive eligibility requirements for submissions to science fairs/competitions (e.g. ISEF, Regeneron STS, etc.) unless considerable follow-up work is done on the research project by mutual agreement with their university faculty mentor . Students interested in participating in national science competitions are encouraged to communicate their goals prior to starting in the program.

What if I am not accepted to the Simons Research program but have already arranged to work for a specific mentor?
Those students who have been able to find research mentors/placements on their own may be eligible to live on campus as Independent Researchers (contact Simons Program staff for more information and required forms). See also listings of alternate research and science education programs offered at Stony Brook University. The Simons Summer Research Program is very competitive and unsuccessful applicants should not be discouraged from pursuing research by other means.

What about ID cards? other paperwork? 
All Simons Fellows will receive information on the first day of the program regarding the summer schedule and overall program expectations, as well as practical information (how to get ID cards). Your stipend award will be distributed at the final closing reception.

What will the schedule be for the summer?
All Simons Fellows will receive information on weekly events, tours and programming. Parents/families and teachers are invited to join us for the Welcome Breakfast (first day of program) and for the Closing/Poster Symposium (last day of program). July 4th is an observed holiday.

Getting to STONY BROOK?
Stony Brook University is easy to reach by air, car, ferry and rail. Please click here for directions to SB.

Housing information?
The accommodations are non-air conditioned corridor style with approximately 15 double rooms per floor ( gender specific) each containing 2 beds 2 dressers, 2 desks w/shelves, and a common bathroom in the middle of the hall. Please remember to bring toiletries and personal care items as they are not provided. If you forget to bring these items they can easily be purchased during normal business hours from the Emporium at East Side Dining. Free high speed 10/100 ethernet access is available in all rooms. 

Please contact Karen Kernan at 631-632-7114 or and or Brian Frank at 631-632-7077 or if you have any other questions regarding the Simons program.

So we can respond to all inquiries in a timely and efficient manner,  please contact us via email if possible.