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Deadline for summer 2020 applications: January 22, 2020

Forms for summer 2020 are not yet available - Please check back in November 2019!

For School nominators/Recommenders

1. Nomination Form (for School Official/Representative)  

2. Recommendation Form (for Teachers/Mentors) - two letters of recommendation are required from high school math/science teachers -
*requires upload of a letter of recommendation (PDF) on school letterhead

For Students:

Online Application (not yet available)
*requires upload of a transcript/grade report (PDF) [unofficial grade report/transcript is acceptable]

Note to students on letters of recommendation: It is the responsibility of the applicant to share the link to the 2 teachers from his/her high school who are writing recommendations; applicants should follow up with their teachers directly to ensure that their letters are submitted by the application deadline. 

Optional 3rd letter. Students who have previously been involved in research at a university/research institution (not required for admission) are encouraged to request an additional letter of recommendation from their previous research supervisor. These letters may be submitted directly by email to: