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Spring 2022

Graduate Academic Calendar

Updated: 8/24/2021

Tuition Liability Deadlines: For detailed information on tuition, fees, and/or other financial information, please visit the   Student Accounts/Bursar's Office.

Date of Drop & WIthdrawal Tuition % incurred Tuition % Refunded Fees % Refunded Last day of Tuition % Applies
On or Before 1/30/22 0% 100% 100% *Sunday, 1/30/22
1/31/22 - 2/6/22
30% 70% 0% Sunday, 2/6/22
2/7/22 - 2/13/22 50% 50% 0% Sunday, 2/13/22
2/14/22 - 2/20/22 70% 30% 0% Sunday, 2/20/22
After 2/21/22
100% 0% 0%  
  * Last day to drop/withdraw without tuition liability. Offices are closed on weekends. Students may process via SOLAR and/or contact their respective college/school.
Registration Deadlines: For detailed information on enrollment processes, withdrawing or taking a leave of absence,   registration definitions, and/or forms, Graduate & SPD students may contact the   Graduate School   or   SPD  respectively
Date                         Details
Mon, Nov . 1 Advanced Registration : Tentatively to begin for Winter/ Spring 2022 according to   enrollment appointments.
Mon, Nov. 29 Open Enrollment: Begins for Graduate Non-matriculated Students (GSP/G0).
Mon, Dec. 8 Graduation Application Begins: Degree Candidates can begin to apply for Spring/Summer 2022  graduation via SOLAR.
Sun, Jan. 23 Semester Cancellation: Last day students can cancel all classes by dropping via  SOLAR.
Mon, Jan. 24
Semester Start: First day of classes.

Late Registration: $50 fee if not enrolled in at least one class before semester start.
Wed, Jan. 26
Senior Auditing Program (Age 60+):  Online Registration closes. Processing of Registration Begins.
Fri, Jan. 28
4:00 PM
Waitlist: Last day to waitlist a class. Students are responsible for any tuition liability incurred if registered from a waitlisted class.
Thu, Feb. 3 Waitlist Process Ends: Last day to be enrolled from the waitlist process pending seat availability. Students must contact the appropriate academic department after this date.
Fri, Feb. 4
4:00 PM
Late registration ends for Graduate/SPD Students: Last day to process enrollment changes such as   adds,   swaps,   credit changes, and   drops  via  SOLAR. Last day to drop/withdraw from the university without a “W” (withdrawal) recorded via  SOLAR. Changes must be processed by 4:00 PM. Petition to the respective college/school required after this date.

Undergraduate Students enrolling in Graduate/SPD courses: See Graduate Program Director for Permission.  All changes must be processed by 4:00 PM
Mon, Feb. 7 -
Fri, Feb. 11
4:00 PM
Swaps by Petition Only Graduate School  and   SPD  students must petition to the respective school.
Mon, Mar. 14 - Sun, Mar. 20 Spring Recess: No classes in session. Classes resume Monday, March 21
Sun, Apr. 3 SPD Online Classes End 
Mon, Apr. 4 Advanced Registration : Tentatively to begin for Summer/Fall according to   enrollment appointments
Wed, Apr. 13 Graduation Application for Publication : Last day for Masters & Advanced Graduate Certificate students to apply for graduation and be included in the commencement publication. Students apply via  SOLAR .
Fri, May 6 Semester Withdrawal : Last day students can submit a withdrawal form to the Graduate School/SPD. Petition required after this date.
Graduation Application: Last day for Spring/Summer degree candidates to apply for graduation via SOLAR. Applications submitted after 4/13/22 will not appear in the commencement publication
Sat, May 7 Classes End : Last day of classes
Mon, May 9 Reading Day
Tue, May 10 -
Wed, May 18
Wed, May 18

Semester End: Official End of Spring Semester

Doctoral Hooding 

Fri, May 20 Commencement  

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and abiding by the University's regulations, procedures, requirements, and deadlines as described in official publications. This includes, by way of example only, this Academic Calendar, the Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin, the University Conduct Code, and class schedules.