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Psychology majors are eligible for two departmental scholarships, the John W. Perry Endowed Scholarship in Psychology and the Burt Stangarone Endowed Scholarship.  The online application form is due by 5PM on April 22, 2022 to be considered a candidate for these scholarships. 

The John W. Perry Endowed Scholarship in Psychology will be awarded to one student each year. John W. Perry earned his BA in Psychology at Stony Brook in 1985 and went on to earn a JD from New York University. He chose Psychology as a major at Stony Brook because he viewed the understanding of the human mind to be the primary cognitive tool for change and self-improvement. After graduation, Mr. Perry wrote that he retained the curiosity of a young child about the world and he kept a positive and optimistic attitude. He enjoyed being alive and continually sought new ways to improve
himself and grow intellectually. In recognition of his lifetime achievement, accomplishments, and service to others, Mr. Perry was honored by Stony Brook as the 2002 Distinguished Alumni Award for Excellence recipient. Mr. Perry was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. His family established this scholarship in his memory.

The scholarship will be in the amount of $600.

The Burt Stangarone Endowed Scholarship recognizes a Psychology major who has demonstrated exceptional potential and promise and has a financial need. 

The scholarship will be in the amount of $600.

Applicants for both scholarships must meet the following qualifications:

A. Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and will not be graduating in the year of application and have completed  greater than 89 credits at the time of application.
B. Demonstrate potential and eagerness to learn.
C. Display a zest for life and interest in many subjects.
D. Demonstrate compassion for others, understanding, and concern for people of all kinds.
E. Not be a previous recipient of a John W. Perry or Burt Stangarone scholarship.
F. For the Burt Stangarone Endowed Scholarship, the student must demonstrate financial need.

To apply for either scholarship:

1. Please write an essay (no longer than one single-spaced page) that addresses qualifications B, C, and D, and, if relevant, financial need (F). Your answers should be as concrete as possible. For example, for point B you might tell us about research in which you’ve engaged. For point C, you might tell us about experiences you’ve had that broadened your knowledge. For point D, you might tell us about social outreach efforts. For point F, the student must indicate forms of financial aid, need-based scholarships, or other support received as well as what education-related expenses are not covered by existing support.

2. In addition, in the file, please provide names and e-mail addresses for one or two individuals who can comment on your qualifications for the scholarship. Those individuals could be faculty, graduate students, staff members, or
supervisors for internships or community service placements. We do not need formal recommendations. Please just let the individuals know that the committee may consult with them.