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Admission Requirements

For official Departmental program requirements for the Ph.D., please visit the program requirements web page for the area to which you intend to apply:

Integrative Neuroscience | Clinical | Cognitive Science (Cognitive Psychology) | Social & Health Psychology

As an overview, to be awarded the Ph.D., students are required to complete relevant coursework, demonstrate competence in teaching, complete a second-year research project, complete a Specialties paper in the third year, and complete a dissertation. Clinical students also are required to complete clinical training in the Psychological Center and a clinical internship.

Admission to the Ph.D. program in Psychology is based primarily on academic and research qualifications. Please visit the web page for the program area in which you are interested (Integrative Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive Science, Social & Health) for additional information on each area's specific requirements. General admission requirements are described below.

Coursework Preparation:

Successful applicants typically have completed coursework consistent with an undergraduate major in psychology. Ideally, applicants will have also completed courses in mathematics and science (biological and physical). Applicants without an undergraduate background in psychology will be considered, provided that they have engaged in coursework that has prepared them for advanced study in their chosen program area.

GPA and GRE Scores:

Although there is no department-wide cut-off for GPAs, successful applicants tend to have excelled in their earlier academic work.  Over the last three years, the average GPA was 3.72.

The Psychology Department does not  require either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test or the subject GRE for admissions to its programs.

Psychology GRE Test for Clinical Psychology Admissions:
APA accreditation requires all Clinical Psychology doctoral students to demonstrate entry-level knowledge in major domains of psychological science. To meet these requirements, admitted students to the Clinical Psychology program must have either completed (a) previous coursework in both developmental and social psychology with a grade of B or better, or (b) achieved a score of 70th percentile or higher on the Psychology GRE Test.  There is no Psychology GRE Test requirement to apply to the Clinical Psychology program, but admitted applicants are expected to complete these benchmarks prior to entrance into the program.


Research and Other Experience:

Successful applicants have typically acquired research experience in a field (or fields) related to their intended area of study. Evidence of independent research is not required but is encouraged. For applicants to the clinical area, evidence of clinically relevant experience strengthens the application.

Letters of Recommendation:

Letters of recommendation are an important aspect of the application. Ideally, letters should come from individuals with whom you have worked closely and who know you well, such as research mentors, advisors, professors, and clinical supervisors (in the case of clinical applicants).The Graduate School requires three letters of recommendation.