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Clinical Faculty

  • Core Faculty
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    K Bernard

    Kristin Bernard

    Associate Professor, Clinical

    Director of the Master's Program

    Child maltreatment; Neurobiological consequences of early life adversity; Parent-child relationships; Early parenting interventions; Psychobiology of parenting and attachment.

    Psychology B-226

    Phone: 631-632-7576

    Joanne Davila image

    Joanne Davila

    Department Chair

    Professor, Clinical


    Romantic competence among youth and emerging adults; Teaching healthy relationship skills; Bisexual+ identity and well-being; LGBTQ+ relationships and mental health; Mental health and relationship functioning.

    Psychology B-313

    Phone: (631) 632-7826

    Nicholas Eaton image

    Nicholas Eaton

    Associate Professor, Clinical

    Director of Clinical Training

    Classification and structure of psychopathology, personality, and other constructs; sexual orientation, gender diversity, and LGBT issues; quantitative methods and psychometrics; human sexuality; individual/group differences and mental health.

    Psychology B-324

    Phone: (631) 632-7634

    Daniel Klein photo

    Daniel Klein

    Distinguished Professor, Clinical

    Mood disorders in youth and adults; temperament and personality development.

    Psychology A-338

    Phone: (631) 632-7859


    Briana  Last

    IDEA Fellow

    The social determinants of mental health; mental health services and policy research; implementation science; clinical decision-making; mental health workforce development; health equity; mixed methods; and community-based participatory research.

    Psychology B, Room 356

    Phone: (631) 632-7845

    CL Photo

    Carl W. Lejuez

    Professor, Clinical

    Intersection of basic science and treatment development across addiction, depression, and personality disorders.

    Matthew Lerner photo

    Matthew Lerner

    Associate Professor, Clinical

    Models of social competence & deficits in youth; social competency interventions for developmental disorders (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders & Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder); therapeutic process variables (mediators and moderators of outcomes); peer relations and their impact on developmental psychopathology.

    Psychology B-354

    Phone: (631) 632-7660

    Aprajita Mohanty photo

    Aprajita Mohanty

    Associate Professor, Clinical

    Diversity Director

    Psychological and neural mechanisms involved in emotion, attention and their interaction. The role of emotion-attention mechanisms in normal function and anxiety. Impact of emotion on decision making in normal function and psychopathology.

    Psychology A-340

    Phone: (631)632-7872

    Brady Nelson photo

    Brady Nelson

    Associate Professor, Clinical

    Affective neuroscience and psychophysiology; Cognitive, emotional, and motivational mechanisms of anxiety disorders and depression; Development of mechanisms across childhood and adolescence; Biomarkers of risk for psychopathology

    Psychology B-420

    Phone (631) 632-7697

    Daniel O'Leary photo

    Daniel O'Leary

    Distinguished Professor, Clinical

    Etiology, prevention, and treatment of psychological and physical aggression in intimate relationships; multivariate models (biological, psychological, and social) of intimate partner aggression; the bidirectional role of marital problems and depression; marital and dyad based treatments for clinical depression; prevalence and correlates of intense love.

    Psychology A-110

    Phone: (631) 632-7850

    Jessica Schleider

    Jessica Schleider

    Assistant Professor, Clinical

    Prevention and treatment of youth anxiety and depression; Design and development of brief, scalable interventions for youth mental health problems, including technology-mediated therapies (e.g., online and virtual reality programs); Single-session intervention; Family processes and youth mental health; Parent-directed intervention; Mechanisms of change in youth mental health treatment; Clinical child psychology and intervention science

    Psychology B-340

    Phone: (631) 632-4131

    Dina Vivian photo

    Dina Vivian

    Clinical Professor, Clinical

    Couple discord, violence in intimate relationships and the treatment of chronic depression.

    Psychology B-440

    Phone: (631) 632-7848

  • Research Faculty
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    Genna Hymowitz photo

    Genna Hymowitz

    Research Assistant Professor, Clinical

    Early adversity, cognitive biases, psychological distress, and health behaviors related to obesity and disordered eating; multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary interventions for obesity and disordered eating; psychological symptomatology and medical comorbidity.


    Psychology B-469

  • Emeritus/Emerita Faculty

    Tom D'Zurilla

    Edward Katkin

    Susan O'Leary