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The Budget Generalist is your liaison with the Office of the Provost’s budget office. This individual is your first point of contact, and who will work with you regarding general questions and budget inquiries or direct you to the most appropriate staff member.




Budget Generalist

Robert Congiusta

  • General budget questions or inquiries
  • Journal transfers (allocation, expense, PDME, revenue)
  • Questions regarding account discrepancies
  • Report inquiries
  • Deficit Reduction Plans (DRP)
  • IFR Accruals
  • Mid-Year condition
  • Request Form II disbursements
  • Rate reviews
  • COVID-related expenditures

Senior Staff Assistant for Budget

Darschay Harris

  • Calendar requests for the Interim Senior Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for Academic Affairs and Associate Vice President for Academic Budget and Financial Planning
  • Account request forms
  • System access requests for SUNY BI, Campus Budget Module (CBM), SBU Reporting, RF Reporting, and PeopleSoft
  • Meeting & event preparation
  • System training calendars

Senior Budget and Financial Planning Analyst

Dana Jecewiz

  • Campus Budget Module (CBM) process questions
  • Summer, Winter & Grad revenue distribution
  • End of year condition
  • Rollovers
  • Budgets to actuals
  • Property control oversight
  • Position Compensation Request (PCR) process
  • Commitment file questions
  • Central provostial accounts
  • Registering new financial commitments

Senior Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for Academic Affairs

Maria Ficken

  • Fee proposal approvals
  • Tuition revenue sharing calculations (SUTRA & academic year)
  • Fiscal year close out
  • State & IDC targets
  • Cash balance analysis
  • ERP implementation
  • Budget approval on hiring (faculty and staff)
  • Quarterly budget manager meetings

Associate Vice President for Academic Budget and Financial Planning

Diane Fischer

  • Approving new financial commitments
  • Budget planning process
  • Unit budget meetings
  • Resource reallocation
  • Multi-year plans
  • Financial forecasting
  • Strategic planning and analysis