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Interfolio Sign In Process:

Please log into through “Partner Institution” in order to access your SBU Interfolio Faculty Searches or RPT/Review Promotion Tenure cases.

Please view instructions/screenshots below to assist with the sign in process. Once you select "Partner Institution" please search for and select "Stony Brook University" from the drop down menu and log in via SSO/Single Sign On using your Net ID and password.

Navigate to the sign in page via and select "Sign In."

1

Click the "Partner Institution" option

2

Search for and select "Stony Brook University" from the drop down and click "Sign In"

3

Once signed in, you will have access to any SBU Interfolio Faculty Search or RPT case assigned to you. Please note you must be signed in before clicking on any Interfolio Search/RPT link sent to you via email. If signed in, you would be able to click on the email link which will bring you directly to your assigned SBU Interfolio search/case.

If you are unable to login via partner institution/SSO, please contact your Department Administrator/Dean's office to confirm you have been added as a user to your Department/Dean Interfolio user account list, or have option to call Interfolio Scholar Services at (877) 997-8807 to assist and verify your user account.