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Academic Program Proposals


Academic program proposals are required for many curricular actions, including the creation of new academic programs, the revision of existing programs, the addition of a distance education format, and the deactivation or discontinuance of a program. To support our faculty in their development of these proposals, the Office of the Provost’s curriculum team offers a variety of resources and services. The generalized workflow below provides guidance on what to expect at every stage. Click on each step to learn more.

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Get Started

Unsure which form you need to complete for your academic program proposal? The Academic Program Proposal Decision Assistant can help you get started! 

Once your idea is approved by your School or College, please contact us for more information or use the Consultation Scheduler to schedule your consultation with a member of the Provost's Office.

Reminder: All academic program proposals must be approved by NYSED before their content is advertised. Insitutions cannot enroll students into a new program until it is registered by NYSED.