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Interfolio / Reappointment, Promotion, Tenure


The following Provost RPT Templates have been created in Interfolio:

  • Junior Faculty/Tenure Track/Promotion
  • Junior Faculty/Tenure Track/Promotion (Candidate Pending Permanent Residency)
  • Senior Faculty/Promotion
  • Senior Faculty/Expedited Tenure Appointment

Colleges/Schools/Centers may duplicate these templates by going to a template, clicking "Options" dropdown on the right, and selecting "Create a Duplicate." After that, input your Unit name; Type should remain as is. Please replace "PROVOST" with the name of your area in the Title, remove "(copy)", and keep the remaining text. Follow the same procedure for "Description" field.  Click "Save and Continue."

Title Example: "CAS TEMPLATE - Senior Faculty/Promotion".

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