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Message to the Stony Brook University Community


To the Stony Brook University Community,

All members of the Stony Brook University Community possess free speech rights, but faculty members exercising those rights do not speak on behalf of the university.

The remarks recently made by one of our faculty members about Suffolk County Police do not represent the views of Stony Brook University.

Stony Brook University will continue its efforts to drive positive change in police encounters in our communities. However, the incendiary language used by this faculty member was inappropriate and does not correspond to the reported facts of the incident.

We hope for the speedy recovery of the three injured officers and are grateful to them and to the professionals at Stony Brook University Hospital who treated them.


Harold L. Paz, MD
Executive Vice President for Health Sciences and
CEO of Stony Brook University Medicine

Carl W. Lejuez, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost