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How to Apply

Spring 2023 OVPR Seed Grant Program

The Full Application deadline is January 10, 2023 at 11:59pm EST. Link to the online submission portal can be found below. You will receive confirmation emails that your application has been received immediately after you submit.  If you do not receive this email after submitting your full proposal, please contact the Office of Proposal Development at to confirm.


We are following the Principal Investigator (PI) Eligibility Policy. Please review it carefully to determine whether you need a letter from your Department Chair.

Additionally, projects must demonstrate the following:

      • You may only be PI on one application and Co-PI on one application. There is a limit of four Co-PIs on any application.
      • You may not apply as PI if you currently have an active OVPR Seed Grant.
      • If you submitted a seed grant application in the previous cycle and it was not selected for funding, you may revise and resubmit the application one time, in the next cycle only. Resubmitted proposals must meet additional application requirements. See below for details.
Full Proposal

Due January 10, 2023 via the Seed Grant Program Application Portal. Please note, myResearch is not required for OVPR Seed Grant applications. 

All documents should be combined in the following order and uploaded into ONE PDF file. Each section must start on a new page (the page limits for each are listed below). Font size must be 11 points or larger with 1 inch margins. Smaller text in figures, graphs, diagrams and charts is acceptable, as long as it is legible when the page is viewed at 100%.

  1. Overview/Abstract (1 page limit)
  2. Impact Statement (1 page limit) that describes how the project will advance the PI/Co-PI's career and/or research program and includes a timeline for submitting a proposal to an external sponsor. It is advisable to indicate the specific sponsor/program. As you develop the timeline for external submissions, please keep in mind that award periods will vary between 12 and 18 months and PI teams are expected to apply for external grants within the award period.
  3. Project Description (4 page limit) that explains the project goals and how they align with the seed grant objectives. If you have received a favorable review from an external funding agency for your project, and you are applying to the seed grant program to address the external reviewer feedback, include in this section a detailed explanation of how the seed funding will allow you to strengthen your proposal for resubmission.
  4. FOR SEED GRANT RESUBMISSIONS ONLY (1 page limit): Revised seed grant applications must include a description of how the new application addresses OVPR panel reviewer comments from the initial review. If you need a copy of the reviewer comments, email
  5. References (No page limit) consisting of full citations including authors, year of publication, title, journal, and inclusive pages. Do not include any abstracts, summaries, or other annotations.
  6. Budget Justification (no page limit) that includes:
    1. - An itemized budget that does not exceed $70,000. Salary for PI/Co-PIs must present strong justification and all personnel related expenses must include fringe. Travel funds may be requested but must be necessary to perform the proposed research. Given that these are internal funds, F&A costs should not be included in the budget. The Graduate School is offering a Tuition on Research Grants (ToRG) waiver and tuition scholarship for supported Stony Brook PhD students. Please indicate TORG waiver request in your budget justification but do not budget for tuition*.
    2. - A timeline for spending the funds between 12 and 18 months. This timeline will determine the length of the award period for funded projects, so it is very important to map out a clear and realistic plan for spending. PIs of funded projects will be expected to be mindful of the award period and account balance throughout the life of the award. OVPR will be closely monitoring spending of the awarded projects and any PI teams that overspend will be expected to cover the difference with other funds. Likewise, PI teams that request more than the budget needed for the project in the proposed time frame should expect any remaining funds to be recaptured at the end of the award period.
  7. Current and pending funding for all PIs and Co-PIs (no page limit)
  8. Biosketch/CV for all PIs and Co-PIs (2 page limit per investigator)

Please note: Name of PI and Co-PIs and their respective department(s), Project Title, and Budget will be entered directly into the application portal.

*PIs should indicate this in their budget submission and also check "waiver" on the students' payroll appointment forms. This is only relevant to programs administered by the Graduate School. PhD students' graduate tuition scholarships should continue to be processed via their graduate program's GTS rosters through the Grad Finance office.


All applications that comply with these guidelines will be peer reviewed based on the criteria below. Please note that all reviewers will be internal to SBU and may not be experts in the specific field of the research topic. As part of the review process, we make every effort to match the topic of the proposal to the subject expertise of the reviewer. We strongly recommend, however, that PIs develop the narrative in such a way that colleagues in related fields can clearly understand.

  • Innovation and Excellence: What is the potential for the proposed project to advance knowledge and understanding within its own field or across different fields?
  • Research Team: How well qualified is the individual or team to conduct the proposed research?
  • Budget: To what extent is the budget clear, efficient, and well-justified? 
  • External Funding: To what extent would the proposed research create opportunities for attracting external funding? If you are applying to the seed grant program to prepare for a resubmission of a proposal that received favorable external reviews, your resubmission plans will be evaluated as part of the External Funding review criteria.
  • Research Advancement: To what extent does the proposed project have the potential to advance the PI/Co-PI's career and/or research program?
  • Match: How well does the project fit the purpose of a seed grant?
  • Overall Impact: To what extent would the proposed program benefit society or advance desired societal outcomes?    

Finalists may be required to present their project to a panel of university academic/research leaders for final selection.

Progress Reports

Awarded projects will be required to submit progress reports throughout the life of the award. Templates will be provided. 

PIs who fail to complete official progress reports by the deadline will not be eligible to apply for future seed funding as PI or co-PI. Additionally, PIs who fail to submit proposals to external sponsors within the award period will not be eligible to apply for future seed funding as PI or co-PI. Any expected delays in internal progress report submissions or external proposal submissions must be clearly communicated to the Office of Proposal Development ASAP in order to avoid ineligibility in future funding cycles. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Please direct all questions to: