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Principal Investigator/ Project Director (PI/PD)Status

Who can be a Principal Investigator/Project Director? 

Persons holding a faculty appointment at Stony Brook University are eligible to be named Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) e.g., Instructor, Lecturer, Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor. The PI/PD retains the responsibility to meet the scientific requirements of the sponsorship.  If there are co-investigators, the PI/PD is the one designated to handle the administrative responsibilities. 

Note: A faculty appointment is not required in the case of co-investigator status.

Note: Researchers who do not have faculty status at the time of application, but expect to be appointed at the time of award, are permitted to be listed as PI/PD.  At the time of application there must be in place a memo to the Office of Sponsored Programs from the appropriate Chair or Dean indicating that, by the time the award is made, faculty appointment will be completed.

  • Graduate Student Applications : Campus policy requires graduate students to apply for grants under the direction of an advisor who retains a faculty appointment.   The faculty advisor is the PI/PD and the student can be the co-investigator. The title of the research will be, for example, “Fellowship Research for....(student name) the study of....,” or “Dissertation Improvement Grant for....”
  • Non-Resident Investigators : Non U.S. residents who wish to apply for funding must meet sponsor requirements as to their eligibility of serving as PI/PD.  Additionally, they must determine if their visa status will allow them to participate. To do this the best resource available is the International Academic Programs and Services Office at 632-4685. 
  • Non-immigrant Investigators : Non-immigrants to the United States, wishing to apply for sponsor funding, must have the appropriate immigration status to participate in the proposed activity.  In cases where the sponsor requires U.S. permanent residence (green card) or U.S. citizenship for application these requirements must be met. In cases where Permanent Residence and /or citizenship are not sponsor requirements, please contact the Office of International Academic Programs and Services for information on obtaining the appropriate non-immigrant status for participation on a particular project. Additional Information on immigrant and non-immigrant statuses in the United States may be obtained by phoning International Services at 632-4685. 
  • Outside Collaborators and PI Status : Outside collaborators (non-SBU personnel) may not be listed as co-PIs on SBU proposals. An outside collaborator is not a SBU faculty member and does not "automatically" have PI status nor would he or she have an on-going contractual relationship with SBU. The reason for not allowing this, however, goes beyond these two issues to the contractual relationships between RF and its sponsors. The institutional signature on a proposal, indicates compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant if an award is made. The signature also certifies that the University - and its PIs - are in compliance with numerous federal regulations such as the use of human and animal subjects, misconduct in science, conflict of interest, lobbying, affirmative action, cost accounting standards, to name a few. Signing a proposal that lists outside collaborators as co-PIs would imply that RF can certify compliance for other institutions and their faculty members when clearly we cannot. Consequently, we require that outside collaborators be recognized in other ways in a proposal. Alternatives for working with and recognizing the key roles of faculty from other institutions include collaborative proposals, subcontracts and consultancies.