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Office of Proposal Development 

N5580 Melville Library 

Stony Brook, NY 11794-3367

Phone: (631) 632-3127




Office of Proposal Development Staff:




Nina Maung-Gaona, PhD*

Associate Vice President for Research

Miguel Garcia-Diaz, PhD

Interim Associate Vice President for Research

Sheri Clark, PhD

Interim Director

Julianna Carbone

Interim Assistant Director

Mandy Frantz

Research Development Specialist

Karrie Gash

Research Development Coordinator

Donna Scala

Research Development Coordinator

Kai Sherman

Proposal Development Specialist

Lindsey Peabody

Proposal Development Specialist

Cristina Felton

Proposal Development Coordinator

Aveary Menze

Proposal Development Coordinator

Nancy Puchner, PhD

Proposal Development Coordinator

Kelly Hills-Muckey, PhD

Proposal Development Coordinator

Noreen Ohlrich, EdD

Proposal Development Coordinator

Ryan Clemons

Proposal Development Coordinator

 * Nina Maung-Gaona is currently on leave from Stony Brook University and serving a one-year term appointment with the NSF as a Program Director in their new Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships Directorate.

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