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Stony Brook University 2022-23 Budget Update

June 2, 2022

Dear Stony Brook colleagues,

I write to provide you with an update on the status of next year’s budget as we await important fiscal information from SUNY.

Most important, I want to share with you our process, which we are evolving to enable us to make thoughtful and strategic decisions about resource allocation to support institutional priorities.

In May, I convened meetings of the Strategic Budget Executive Team with each Stony Brook vice president. These meetings yielded many requests for new funding, particularly for additional faculty and staff. This clearly was a reflection of lean times during the past several years, which have left many units under-resourced.

While we are committed to a disciplined and strategic method of budgeting that will enable us over time to support our ambitions as an AAU institution and a top research university, requests for new funds are all but certain to exceed the amount that we ultimately will have available to spend next year. As I noted in April, tuition remains frozen for the third year in a row. Additionally, we did not receive an increase in operating aid, which has remained at the same level for more than a decade, and the budget did not include any funds for the contractual salary increases.

We will make the difficult decisions on the budget requests once we have the full picture as to what is available and prudent to spend in the coming year. On a positive note, the state budget included funding to close the TAP gap and modest increases to SUNY to support faculty hiring and nonrecurring strategic initiatives. These modest allocations coupled with the new all-funds budgeting approach will allow for some spending in areas that we would not otherwise have been able to do.

In the meantime, we are reviewing each request and all available funding sources, and we expect to finalize the 2022-23 budget by mid-July. I cannot be more precise about timing because we are awaiting word from SUNY on whether there will be any increases in student fees and whether Stony Brook will receive an allocation from the new state programs mentioned above.

I will update you further once we know more, and I appreciate the work done by many of you at the unit level who contributed to the thoughtful presentations shared by each area of the vice presidents. Thank you for all you do for Stony Brook University.


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Maurie McInnis