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Stony Brook Selected As Anchor Institution For Climate Solutions Center on Governors Island

April 24, 2023

Dear Stony Brook Community:

In August 2021, I shared news of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right in our own backyard, to lead an unprecedented collaboration to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problem: climate change.

Today, I’m proud to announce that our vision is becoming a reality. The Trust for Governors Island and the City of New York have selected Stony Brook University’s historic plan to build the New York Climate Exchange, which will anchor the Center for Climate Solutions on Governors Island.

I am also thrilled to announce that two of the world’s leading philanthropic organizations – the Simons Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies – have pledged a combined $150 million in support of The New York Climate Exchange.

With a $100 million lead matching gift from our longtime and incredibly generous friends, The Simons Foundation, and $50 million from our exciting new partner and global leader in the fight against climate change, Bloomberg Philanthropies, we are well on our way to inspiring additional support from other friends across the globe.

These gifts not only help fuel our ambitions in building The New York Climate Exchange, they also represent a ringing endorsement of Stony Brook and the transformational work we will be doing on Governors Island.

Led by Stony Brook, The Exchange will bring together universities, researchers, non-profits, community leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses to develop equitable climate solutions for New York City that can be scaled and applied globally. Our partners are all ambitious and innovative in their own right, but together we are a formidable force for change. Stony Brook is taking its place as a global convener at the forefront of climate solutions, and the impact on our faculty, staff, students, alumni and supporters will be profound.

Stony Brook will serve as the anchor institution for The Exchange, expanding our reach in New York and giving us another opportunity to demonstrate the power of a public flagship university to drive change far beyond our own community. Plans for The New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island include:

  • An interactive living laboratory with research labs, classroom space, exhibits, housing, and the demonstration of sustainable technologies all in a next-generation green-designed building space

  • A Research and Technology Accelerator that brings our partners and communities together to nurture ideas, projects, and new ventures that advance solutions to climate impacts in New York and beyond

  • Academic programs that prepare students at every level for careers focused on climate solutions and environmental justice with hands-on learning, including a semester “abroad” on Governors Island, fellowship and internship programs, and continuing education.

Those are just a few elements of The Exchange, which has something to offer everyone regardless of field of study or role at the university. I hope you can join me in celebrating this historic moment on Tuesday, April 25 at a Town Hall from 12 to 1 pm at the Charles B. Wang Center, followed by a celebration and dedication at 1 pm on the Academic Mall. The Town Hall will be livestreamed at and you can visit our website to learn more and discover new ways to get involved.

For now, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to each of you who offered your ideas, time, expertise and enthusiasm to this project. Our university competed against some of the most highly regarded institutions in the country, and I believe we were selected because at Stony Brook, we truly understand the power of partnership and live it every day. This is a great moment in time for Stony Brook as it takes its place as a global leader in the fight for our environment. I continue to be inspired by what this community can achieve when we put our minds together and collaborate.


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Maurie McInnis