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Updates from Stony Brook University's Office of Equity and Access (OEA)

February 24, 2023

Dear Stony Brook faculty, staff, and students;

June 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of Title IX into law as part of the education amendments to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Coinciding with this milestone, Stony Brook University’s Office of Equity and Access (OEA), which oversees Title IX compliance, has made notable strides I’d like to share with you.

In March 2022, OEA launched the Title IX Task Force, a multidisciplinary advisory group of students, faculty, and staff charged with identifying opportunities to improve Stony Brook’s Title IX- and sexual misconduct-related support services. Several initiatives from the Task Force’s recommendations will be implemented beginning this spring, including a Candidate Background Check Pilot Program, expanded in-person training programs, and Q&A sessions with OEA staff to encourage timely and frequent small-group discussions about Title IX-related topics, scenarios, and action steps.

OEA’s first-ever Sexual Misconduct Prevention Progress Report, which was issued in April 2022, details the university’s Title IX programming efforts over the last 10 years and answers frequently asked questions about the investigation process. An updated progress report will be issued later this spring.

OEA educates the campus community on Title IX through the ReportIt training module and investigates allegations of discrimination and sexual misconduct. I urge you to contact OEA should you have any questions about whether a situation should be reported because OEA also provides guidance on reporting options for complainants, how individuals can file a report, and reporting obligations for responsible employees. OEA can be reached at 631-632-6280, or email at and, and additional information is available on the OEA website.

At Stony Brook University, every one of us plays a role in creating an inclusive environment that is free of discrimination, sexual misconduct, and violence. Together we will continue to build a campus culture that is both compliant and caring.


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Maurie McInnis