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Honorary Degree Nomination 2022-2023

February 15, 2022

To All Faculty, Staff and Students,

The Stony Brook University Committee on Honorary Degrees will soon begin its work leading to the recommendation of candidates for SUNY Honorary Degrees to be awarded in 2023 and I am writing today to request your input and nominations.

TO NOMINATE SOMEONE: Please complete the form below and attach a one-page summary about the nominee, identifying the nominee by name, title, present position, and/or profession. The remainder of the page should summarize the nominee's most important achievements and the relevance of these achievements to Stony Brook's mission.

As you prepare your nomination, please note that the purpose of Honorary Degrees awarded by the State University of New York are:

- To recognize excellence in the fields of public affairs, the sciences, humanities and the arts, scholarship and education, business and philanthropy, and social services, which exemplify the mission and purposes of the State University of New York;

- To honor meritorious and outstanding service to the University, the State of New York, the
United States, or to humanity at large;

- To recognize persons whose lives serve as examples of the University's aspirations for its students.

As this degree is awarded by the State University of New York, a recipient of an Honorary Degree from one SUNY campus is not eligible for a degree from another. In addition, current faculty or staff are ineligible as SUNY prohibits awarding an Honorary Degree to people currently employed by the University. We must ask that you do all you can to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and that you do not contact nominees, nor in any way communicate to them that they are being considered for an Honorary Degree.

Please submit your nomination on the linked google form  - Honorary Degree Nomination Form. The deadline for submission is Friday, March 25, 2022.

To obtain further information, a complete list of past SUNY or Stony Brook honorary degree recipients, or a set of the guidelines adopted by the Board of Trustees, please contact Gianna at

The chairs of the honorary degree committee are Deborah Lowen-Klein, Senior Associate Vice President, Advancement, and David Rubenstein, Associate Dean of the Graduate School. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Maurie McInnis