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Please see our FAQs below.  Remember to check back often as additional FAQs will be added on an ongoing basis.

Why was the decision made to end Committee Letters?

In order to support students in their application process, we plan to provide more comprehensive assistance in all aspects of their application and help them promote their academic and professional strengths to be the most competitive applicant they can possibly be. 

What are the consequences of not having a Committee Letter as part of my application?

In fact, Stony Brook is joining other leading universities that have also shifted away from committee letters to more comprehensively support students in their application process, and assist them in identifying recommenders who know them well and have closely observed their academic and professional strengths. In addition to individual advising sessions, ATAS will be hosting multiple information sessions as well as interactive workshops to help students strengthen various aspects of their application.  Please check our website often for dates and details (

Note:  If your schools of interest reference a committee letter, this only applies to undergraduate institutions offering this service.  Since this will no longer be the case for Stony Brook University for the 2025 cycle and  later, it will not negatively impact your application when you do not have a committee letter.

When is the last opportunity to receive a Committee Letter?

Students who are applying for the 2024 cycle, who complete all of the required steps, will be able to receive a Committee Letter.  Students who are applying for the 2025 cycle or later, will not receive a Committee Letter.

Will there be other opportunities to receive help and support as I apply to health professions schools?

Yes.  We will be increasing the number and types of programs, information sessions, events, panels, peer  networking, and interactive workshops that will take place each semester.  ATAS will be hosting and collaborating with different departments on campus to cover critical topics such as writing your personal statement, your application timeline, how to maintain and cultivate strong relationships with professionals that could potentially write you strong recommendation letters, and many more!  We are also interested in your feedback. We welcome your ideas and request that you fill out this form to give us any suggestions! 

Will ATAS still be collecting my recommendation letters?

Students who are applying for the 2024 cycle should have their recommenders submit their letters of recommendation to their Committee Letter Interview Packet (CLIP). Students who are intending to apply for the 2025 cycle or later, should check back shortly for specific instructions.

I already had letters of recommendation sent to Academic and Transfer Advising Services. Will I still have access to them?

We will hold letters for 5 years on file. Please keep checking our website for updates regarding letters of recommendation. 

What is the best way to receive pre-health advising?

You can book an appointment on Navigate to meet with an Academic and Transfer Advising Services (ATAS) advisor. We also have walk-ins every Thursday at 10am - 12:30 pm and 1pm - 4pm. If you have already graduated from Stony Brook University, please email

Last updated March 1, 2023