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What Do I Need To Do To Get An Update Committee Letter?

The steps necessary to get a committee letter of evaluation are outlined below. While we do have specific deadlines for some of the necessary forms, it is in your best interest to prepare early, well before the deadlines.

Intent to Apply Form
Let us know you are planning to apply this year. This form is available  here and is to be completed and emailed to

Resume and Updated Personal Statement
You  do not need to fill out the autobiographical packet again.  We still have this on file if you have submitted it within the last 5 years.  We do need you to submit a current resume and an updated personal statement.  You can email these documents to

We will need copies of all transcripts from any college you have attended since your last committee letter. Unofficial copies are okay, but they must be clearly legible.  Foreign transcripts must be accompanied by an assessment from a transcript evaluation service (WES).

Letters of Recommendation
We still have your letters on file if you submitted them within the last 5 years however, you may submit new additional letters of recommendation to be considered. This is highly encouraged. It is recommended that you ask for letters as soon as possible to give your recommenders time to write your letter.  Make sure to ask someone who knows you well and please be sure to give them a Letter of Recommendation Form. For Letter of Recommendation Guidelines and Form please click  here.

Update Committee Letter Interview
You must have an update interview with a Pre-Professional Advisor to obtain an updated committee letter. Before you can  SCHEDULE an interview you  MUST have the following on file:

  • Current resume
  • Updated personal statement
  • Copies of all your non-Stony Brook transcripts.


When Is My Updated Committee Letter Finalized?  

We will work with the Committee to review and finalize your letter within a month of your update interview.  If you are retaking your admission test, we may or may not wait for your new score to come in to finalize your updated committee letter.  Speak to a pre-health advisor for more information. 

How Do I Send Out My Finalized Updated Committee Letter?

Health Professions Payment
You will need to pay the Health Professions Payment of $80.00. This fee is annual and will cover your requests for this application cycle only.

Directions to pay Health Professions Payment:

  • Login to SOLAR
  • Click on Campus Financial Services
  • Click on Health Professions Payment
  • Follow the prompts on SOLAR to pay the fee

You can expect your committee letter evaluation to be sent out to the schools indicated on your Credential Request form(s) four weeks after your interview or receipt in our office of your MCAT, DAT for GRE scores, whichever is later.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail from our office once your committee letter packet has been sent out.

  • AMCAS:  When filling out your AMCAS application, you will need to print an AMCAS Letter Request Form and submit this form to our office.  This form gives us information to upload your committee letter directly to AMCAS.

  • AACOMAS:  We do not participate in Virtual Evals or Interfolio.  Your committee letter will be uploaded to AACOMAS service.  

  • AADSAS: When filling out the Letters of Evaluation section of AADSAS, please choose "electronic" as the method to send your committee letter.  Please use the contact information above.  We will receive an electronic request to the prehealth email and will upload your committee letter directly to AADSAS.

  • OptomCAS: When filling out your OptomCAS application, please choose "electronic" as the method to send your committee letter.  Please use the contact information below.  We will upload your committee letter to OptomCAS.

Please use the following information for the Primary Author contact information for your committee letter:

Mr. James Montren
Faculty Committee on Health Professions
Suite 105, Stony Brook Union Building 
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3217
Phone: 631-632-7082