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Application Process


Deciding to Apply:
The quantity and quality of applicants has increased greatly over the past few years.  There is a lot of competition for a limited number of seats.  Consistently high grades, good test scores, high-quality health-related experience, and good recommendation letters are factors that increase the likelihood of success.  Research experience can be important, too.  These days, it is not unusual for applicants who consider themselves weak to strengthen themselves and apply a year later.  You need to be both realistic and optimistic.  Think carefully about when and where to apply and talk to a pre-health advisor about it.

Things to Consider:

  •     GPA
  •     Admissions Test score
  •     Amount of health related experience
  •     The cost and time of applying

The Application Season:
While deadlines vary, the application services for most health professions open in May/June; approximately 15 months prior to entering a Graduate Health Profession program.  You are encouraged to begin your applications as soon as possible since most programs are rolling admissions.  Prior to the opening of the application services you should begin collecting recommendation letters, writing your personal statement and researching which schools you intend to apply to. 

Components of your Application:

Primary Application: Your primary application is completed through an application service.  The application services for the doctorate level health professions are listed below.  Schools will have a primary application deadline that you will need to submit your application by.  However, earlier is better since most schools review applications on a rolling basis.  You will need to submit your official transcripts and they will require at least 2-3 weeks to process and verify your application.  There is a fee for each of these application services. 

Secondary (Supplemental) Application: Once you submit your primary application and it is verified and released to the schools you wish to apply to, these schools will start sending you secondary applications.  You will usually need to answer additional essay questions and submit an application fee to the individual schools. Make sure to be aware of the secondary application deadlines.  You should not submit a secondary application unless you have been invited to do so.

Admission Tests: For each Graduate Health professions program, you will be required to take an admissions test. Please click here for more information regarding admission tests.

Letters of Recommendation: Schools will require letters of recommendation as part of your application. Read here about different guidelines regarding letters of recommendation. Ask your recommenders early so they have time to write a quality letter.

Interview: The admissions interview is the last part of your application process. These usually start in September and continue throughout the spring semester until the school has filled their class.