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Do I need to send a transcript from every school I’ve attended?

Yes, the application service that you apply through will ask for an official transcript from every school you’ve attended (this  includes courses taken in the summer or during high school). Pre-Health Advising asks for unofficial copies of non-SB  transcripts, these must be on file prior to scheduling an interview for your committee evaluation.

Is the primary deadline for my application the same as the deadline for my committee evaluation?

No. The primary deadline, usually listed on the application website, is only for you to submit your application.  Individual schools will have deadlines for receipt of your committee evaluation.

Who is the Faculty Committee on Health Professions?

The FCHP is a group of Stony Brook Faculty. The committee is charged with evaluating Stony Brook students for health  profession programs.

What is the committee evaluation?

The committee letter is comprised of a letter from the committee and a selection of letters from your file.  The committee picks which letters are included from the file to make the best representative set.  You do not need to indicate to schools that they  are receiving these additional letters.  If an application asks what letters you are having sent you need only to indicate the  committee letter and that the others are chosen by your committee.

What happens if I am interviewed and I still want additional letters to be sent to the Pre-Health Advising office?

We can add more letters after the interview.  Letters can continue to be received as long as we haven’t mailed your  committee letter out.  Once the committee letter has been mailed to any school it cannot be changed and letters will not be added.  Additional letters will be kept on file but you should have your recommender mail the letter directly to the schools/
application services as it will not be sent by Pre-Health Advising.

Certain schools require specific letters to be mailed to their admissions.  Do I need to make a  special request for that?

No, the committee letter usually satisfies specific requirements (ie, 2 science professors, 1 non-science) however, you may indicate these requirements on your credential request form.  If you are applying to MD/PhD programs some or all research letters on file will be sent.  If you are applying to Osteopathic schools and have a letter from a DO on file, it will be sent to those schools.

Does Pre-Health Advising offer interview prep/mock interviews?

While we are unable to offer students mock interviews we strongly encourage you to prepare for your committee letter  evaluation interview as you would for your admissions interviews.  

How long is my file kept in the Pre-Health Advising office?

We will keep your file for 5 years.  If you choose to apply at a later date and have already had a committee interview, we will gladly update your evaluation for you. 

Where can my letters be sent?

We are allowed to send your letters only to admissions offices of dental, medical optometry, podiatry, and veterinary schools.  We can also send your letters to postbaccalaureate enrichment programs. We cannot send your letters to scholarship programs, potential employers, other health professional schools (not listed above), or other graduate schools.  So, for example, if a  student wants to apply to PhD. program in Biology, a P.A. school, and a military scholarship that student will need to ask his or her recommendation writers for permission to send letters to those programs.

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