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Oleg Smirnov

Oleg Smirnov

Associate Professor

PhD, University of Oregon

N-707A, Social and Behavioral Sciences Building
Department of Political Science
4392 SUNY
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392

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  • Biography


    Oleg Smirnov is an associate professor of political science at Stony Brook University. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Oregon as well as a M.A. in Economics from there also.

  • Research


    His research interests include computational modeling (agent-based modeling, geographic information systems, evolutionary dynamics) and behavioral economics (altruistic punishment, collective risk social dilemmas). He is currently working on a computational model of social consequences of climate change based on the ensemble of CMIP5 climate models. In collaboration with Leonie Huddy, they have a forthcoming paper in the Journal of Conflict Resolution on the public perception of terrorism.

  • Recent Publications

    RECENT Publications - Articles

    Andrews T, Smirnov O (2020). "Two-wave panel survey dataset on who feels affected by Hurricane Florence." Data in Brief.

    Andrews T,  Smirnov O (2020). "Who feels the impacts of climate change?" Global Environmental Change, 65, 102164

    Johnson T, C Dawes, JH Fowler, Smirnov O (2020). "Slowing COVID-19 transmission as a social dilemma: Lessons for government officials from interdisciplinary research on cooperation." Journal of Behavioral Public Administration, 3(1): 1-13.

    Smirnov O (2019). "Collective risk social dilemma and the consequences of the US withdrawal from international climate negotiations."Journal of Theoretical Politics

    RECENT Publications - Books

    Fowler JH, Smirnov O (2007). “Mandates, parties, and voters: How elections shape the future.” Temple University Press.

  • Teaching


    Undergraduate: Next Offered: Fall 2023
    POL 101: World Politics POL 371: Politics of Climate Change
    POL 676: Advanced Topics - Methods I  
    POL 678: Political Decision Making  
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