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Reuben Kline

Reuben Kline

Associate Professor

PhD, University of California, Irvine

N-735, Social and Behavioral Sciences Building
Department of Political Science
4392 SUNY
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392

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  • Biography


    Reuben Kline has been an Associate Professor of Political Science since 2018 and joined the department in 2011. He is also the Director of the Center for Behavioral Political Economy at Stony Brook University and the editor of the newsletter for American Political Science Association’s organize section on Experimental Research. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science (concentration in Political Economy/Public Choice) from the University of California, along with a M.A. in Mathematical Behavioral Science, M.Sc. Economics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and a M.A. in International Trade and Investment Policy from George Washington University.

  • Research


    Reuben Kline uses behavioral game theory, experiments, and survey research to study social dilemmas, climate change mitigation behavior, behavioral ethics, public opinion, and voting. He is currently studying the effects of moral hazard in relation to geoengineering solutions being made possible. He is also in the process of using climate games to experiment on the strategy of disaster prevention and policy

    His work has been published in NatureClimate Change, Nature Human Behaviour, Journal of Politics, Climatic Change, Public Opinion Quarterly, the Journal of Experimental Political Science, and the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, as well as other outlets.

  • Recent Publications

    RECENT Publications - Articles

    Reuben Kline (2020) “Where mitigation and migration meet” Nat. Clim. Chang.

    Scott Bokemper,∗ Peter Descioli, and Reuben Kline (2019) “Unfair Rules for Unequal Pay: Wage Discrimination and Procedural Justice” Journal of Experimental Political Science

    Adam Levine and Reuben Kline (2019) “Loss-Framed Arguments Can Stifle Political Activism” Journal of Experimental Political Science

    Reuben Kline, Nicholas Seltzer,∗ Evgeniya Lukinova, and Autumn Bynum∗(2018) “Differentiated Responsibilities and Prosocial Behavior in Climate Change Mitigation” Nature Human Behaviour

    Talbot Andrews,∗ Andrew Delton, and Reuben Kline (2018) “High Risk and High Reward Decision Making for Climate Change Mitigation” Nature Climate Change

    Reuben Kline, Alexa Bankert,∗ Lindsey Levitan, and Patrick Kraft∗

    (2017) “Personality and Prosocial Behavior: A Multilevel Meta-Analysis” Political Science Research and Methods

  • Teaching


    Undergraduate Next Offered: Fall 2023
    POL 102: Introduction to American Government POL 103: Introduction to Comparative Politics
    POL 103: Introduction to Comparative Politics POL 501: Introductory Statistics
    POL 501: Introductory Statistics  
    POL 670: Advanced Topics - Political Economy I  
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