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Leonie Huddy

Leonie Huddy


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

S-711, Social and Behavioral Sciences Building
Department of Political Science
4392 SUNY
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392  

P: (631) 632-7639
F: (631) 632-4116

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  • Biography


    Leonie Huddy is a Professor of Political Science at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and currently the Department Chair. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from University of California, Los Angeles.

    She is the co-editor (with David O. Sears and Jack Levy) of the 2 nd edition of the Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology, served as co-editor of the journal Political Psychology from 2005 till 2010, is past-president of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), serves on the American National Election Studies Board of Overseers, appears regularly on CSB Radio as an exit poll analyst, and serves on numerous editorial boards in political science. Huddy has written extensively on social and political identities, emotions, reactions to terrorism, gender and politics, and race relations. She is the co-author (with Stanley Feldman and George Marcus) of Going to War in Iraq: When Citizens and the Press Matter , published by the University of Chicago Press, which examines news coverage and public opinion in the lead-up to the Iraq War.

  • Research


    Leonie Huddy studies political behavior in the United States and elsewhere through the lens of intergroup relations, with a special focus on gender, race, and ethnic relations. Her recent work extends that focus to the study of partisan identities and political polarization in the United States and Western Europe. 

  • Publications

    Publications - Articles

    Huddy, Leonie, Del Ponte, Alessandro, Davies, Caitlin. In press. “Nationalism, Patriotism, and Support for the EU.” Political Psychology. 

    Huddy, Leonie and Yair, Omer. (2021). Reducing Affective Polarization: Warm Group Relations or Policy Compromise? Political Psychology, 42 (2): 291-309. 

    Feldman, Stanley, Huddy, Leonie, Wronski, Julie, Lown, Patrick. 2020. “The Interplay of Empathy and Individualism in Support of Social Welfare Policies.” Political Psychology. 41(2): 343-362.

    Huddy, Leonie, Bankert, Alexa, and Davies, Caitlin. 2018.  Expressive vs. Instrumental Partisanship in Multi-Party European Systems. Advances in Political Psychology . 39(1): 173-199 .

    Publications - Books

    Dynamics of National Identity: Media and Societal Factors of What We Are. 2016 . Peter Schmidt, Josef Seethaler, Jurgen Grimm, and Leonie Huddy (Editors). Routledge.

    Going to War in Iraq: When Citizens and the Press Matter. 2015. Stanley Feldman, Leonie Huddy & George Marcus. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology. 2013. Leonie Huddy, David O. Sears, and Jack Levy (Eds.). New York: Oxford University Press. 2 nd . Edition.

  • Teaching


    Undergraduate: Next Offered: Fall 2021
    POL 351: Social Surveys in Contemporary Society POL 562: Passionate Politics: Mobilization,  Interest Groups, and Social Movements 
    POL 541: Survey Research  
    POL 562: Passionate Politics  
    POL 633: Social Influence and Group Processes in Political Decision Making  
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