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Routing Your Proposal

Routing Policy

The RFSUNY/SBU requires its researchers to route external funding requests and related documents through departmental, collegiate, and institutional channels for review and approval prior to submission to an external funding source, reaching the Office of Sponsored Programs for review and handling at least five working days in advance of the sponsor's submission deadline. The Principal Investigator or Departmental Administrator should monitor any routing-in-progress to ensure compliance with the deadline.

The routing requirement applies to:
  • Preliminary applications that include a budget or require an institutional signature - myResearch.
  • Full applications that represent new, revised, competitive renewal, or supplemental funding requests - myResearch
  • Non-competitive renewal applications/progress reports that include a budget, require an institutional signature, or involve a significant project change that has not yet been reported– i.e., a change in key personnel or corresponding salary, effort, or credit; a change in institutional resources, such as space or cost-sharing; or a change in relation to any compliance issue, including human subjects, vertebrate animals, rDNA, select agents/toxins, human pathogens, export controls, and/or conflicts of interest. - non-myResearch application.
  • New and renewal contracts, including subawards and non-monetary agreements. - myResearch
  • Incremental-funding contract amendments reflecting a change in the original estimated total cost or a change in the statement of work.-non-myResearch application
  • Budget revisions, personnel changes, and all other pre- and post-award adjustments involving a financial issue, a salary/effort/credit concern, the commitment of university resources, or any compliance issue.-non-myResearch application.
  • Requests to carry forward funding from one budget period to another.-non myResearch application
  • Requests for no-cost extensions of the established project period.-no cost extension form.
  • Incremental-funding contract amendments where the amendment does not reflect a change in the original estimated total cost or a change in the statement of work.-non-myResearch application
  • Requests to rebudget once the project has been funded, provided the request does not involve personnel issues or institutional commitments.-non-myResearch application.

The University applies this policy universally: to all types of funding requests, whether a grant, fellowship, or contract; to all types of application systems, whether paper or electronic; and to all external funding sources, whether governmental, nonprofit, or commercial. Likewise, the routing requirement is in force whether the document requires an institutional signature or not.