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RF SUNY/SBU Compliance

In addition to the departmental and central office approvals required for a proposal, depending on the type of sponsor or nature of the work being proposed a variety of additional clearances may be required.

Use of Animals & Human Subjects in Research

 The use of animals and human subjects in research is governed by the University in strict compliance with federal regulations. Upon submitting a proposal for a project which uses animals, the PI should prepare a protocol for the IACUC. Any necessary protocols for the use of human subjects should be submitted for review through the Office of Research Compliance.

 Information Required by Sponsors:

  1. The date the IRB or IACUC approved the protocol
  2. The Human Subjects Federal-wide Assurance number (00000125)
  3. The Animal Welfare Assurance of Compliance number (A3011-01).

 If the approval of a protocol is pending at the time of proposal submission, it must be approved before an award is made. Most sponsors will allow the University to submit a notice of approval of a human or animal subjects protocol after the submission of a proposal, but before receipt of award. Some federal agencies specify a 60-day period after submission in which to provide a notice of approval from the University. NIHpolicy now allows protocol approvals to wait until a proposal has been scored. The required approvals can be submitted as part of the "just-in-time" documentation sent in when it appears likely that a proposal will be funded.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials include infectious, radioactive, carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic, corrosive, and combustible substances. Handling, shipping, and disposition of hazardous materials and waste are federally regulated. Departments affected by the regulations have guidelines available. The institutional contact is:........

Hazardous materials shipped to a foreign destination are also regulated by federal export controls. For these activities the institutional contact is: Susan Gasparo…...

 Conflict of Interest

 SBU's conflict of interest (COI) policy requires that all individuals with faculty status, all postdoctoral scholars and associates, and certain salaried employees submit a COI disclosure form with each proposal through myResearch. The purpose of this form is to provide the necessary information for the evaluation of outside activities that could be perceived as or lead to a potential conflict of interest.  If you have any questions regarding this policy or the procedures, please contact Susan Gasparo at

 Recombinant DNA

 The use of recombinant DNA is strictly regulated by the federal government. Departments affected by the regulations have guidelines available.