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Proposal Submission

Step 1. Notify your Department and OSP

Notify your Department Chair, departmental research administrator and your Grants or Contracts Specialist in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) about your intent to submit so that they can advise and appropriately prepare for your submission.

Step 2. Review the Funding Solicitation

Carefully review the sponsor’s guidelines. Decide as to whether you have enough time to develop a successful proposal AND complete the internal approval process. Look for cost-sharing or matching requirements, indirect cost restrictions, or other requirements that will require additional campus or collaborator meetings or requests.

Step 3. Develop the Proposal and Review SBU Proposal Submission Checklists

Proposal preparation resources can be found under Office of Proposal Development's Resources Section.. You should always contact OSP for guidance. The myResearch checklist will help you identify the forms and directions required for internal review of your submission. Required forms or guidance documents can be found here

More detailed information can be viewed by reading the OSP Handbook (link) and/or the OSP FAQ.

Step 4. Submit your internal proposal to OSP

OSP has a 5/2 day requirement for proposal submission.  The completed administrative proposal is due to OSP five (5) business days before the sponsor deadline and the PI can take an additional two (2) days to finalize the scientific and/or programmatic components of the application.

All research proposals must be routed electronically via myResearch submission process. (Note: certain internal proposals might not be subject to myResearch routing. See OSP FAQs or contact your OSP representative)


- Whenever available, you must include the sponsor guidelines with the myResearch submission.

- You must include facilities and administrative costs for all proposal budgets unless the sponsor has a written policy that calls for a reduced or a zero rate, which the sponsor applies to all potential awardees. Attach a copy of the sponsor's policy to myResearch , or include the URL for the policy. The university's policy on F&A can be viewed here.

If the sponsor requires mandatory cost sharing, and you require institutional support from the Office of the Vice President for Research, please contact the Office of Research Development and Assessment at least two (2) weeks in advance of the proposal due date. 

If the myResearch submission will include Subrecipients, please include the Subrecipient's signed budget pages, justification, any applicable representations and certifications, and the Subrecipient Commitment Form

When The Research Foundation for The SUNY is a subrecipient under another institution's proposal, you should submit myResearch as noted above since your proposal is a submission to an external sponsor.

Step 5. Proposal Submission to External Agency

When myResearch routing is complete, and/or approvals and signatures have been secured, the PI has the option of submitting the proposal him/herself, or OSP can submit the proposal. All federal submissions must be submitted by the OSP.

Check your email for a submission confirmation; it may come directly to you from the sponsor or from OSP. In some instances, the sponsor will request additional materials or information related to your proposal; please monitor your e-mail for further instructions and communicate with OSP.

Step 6. Award Notification

The sponsor will provide either you or OSP with notification on the outcome of the review process. If the project is selected for funding, OSP will set up an internal award for you. At that time, your award will enter into the award management phase.