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Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress

Graduate students receiving federal financial aid awards (i.e. Direct Unsubsidized and/or Graduate PLUS Loans) must meet Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. These FedSAP requirements are part of the general eligibility requirements and are designed to insure that students are making satisfactory progress towards degree completion. 


Federal SAP Appeal Deadline Dates

Summer 2020 appeals must be submitted by August 3, 2020. 
Fall 2020 appeals  must be submitted by October 2, 2020. 
Spring 2021 appeals  must be submitted by March 6, 2021. 


  • Federal SAP Appeal Process
    Students who are notified that they are ineligible will receive an email with their appeal form. 

    The appeal form submitted will need to include:
    • An explanation as to why the student failed to meet SAP requirements (students must establish that their failure to meet SAP guidelines were a result of external circumstances beyond their control)
    • An explanation as to what has changed that will allow the students to meet SAP requirements moving forward
    • An academic plan that will define how long it will take the student to restore their academic record to a point where they meet the SAP requirements 
  • Outcome of Appeals
    If the appeal is granted, the student will be either be placed on Probation or on an Academic Plan:
    • Financial Aid Probation - Financial aid eligibility is reinstated for one term only and SAP requirements must be met at the end of the term or financial aid eligibility will be suspended
    • Academic Plan - Financial aid eligibility is reinstated and monitored on a term by term basis to ensure students are meeting the specific terms as outlined in the appeal submitted by the student.  Note: In order to determine a student's SAP status each term, incomplete grades are considered credits that are not earned. Students placed on an academic plan who must earn all credits attempted will fail the conditions of their plan if an official grade is not posted by the add/drop deadline for the term.

    If the appeal is denied, the student remains ineligible to receive federal financial aid until they meet all of the FedSAP guidelines.

    Students are notified on their SB e-mail of the appeal determination. 

    Students may submit an additional appeal if they have completed at least one additional term of attendance at Stony Brook University and their academic record indicates that the student successfully completed and passed all classes for which they were enrolled.

    Students whose petition was denied because they had exceeded the maximum allowable attempted credits cannot submit an additional appeal.

  • Federal SAP & Summer Enrollment
    When is summer federal financial aid eligibility determined?

    Academic Standing and FedSAP are run after spring grades have been recorded in the system. Because the grades are generally not recorded prior to the start of summer session one, some "at risk" students may have to wait for these processes to run in order to find out if they will receive financial aid for the summer.

    What defines an "at risk" student?

    A student whose most current FedSAP status prior to the spring term is either:

    • Warning,
    • Probation,
    • Not Meet,
    • or if you previously received a notification from the financial aid office that you were approaching the maximum time frame limit.

    Will I be awarded financial aid for the summer?

    Students who are not "at risk" will be awarded summer financial aid soon after the May 1st summer award packaging date.

    Students who were "at risk" will be awarded summer financial aid mid-June if they are found to be eligible, based on their new FedSAP standing. Students found to be ineligible to receive federal financial aid will be notified by the financial aid office.

    How do my summer grades impact my financial aid eligibility moving forward?

    If you choose to enroll in summer courses the outcome for the term is an important factor in determining your financial aid eligibility for your next term of enrollment.

  • Federal SAP FAQ's