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Graduate Programs in English

Stony Brook University’s English Department offers a broad-ranging program of graduate education. During a time of transformation in the field of literary and cultural studies, we offer an education in traditional historical periods, literatures from around the world, as well as current theoretical modes of inquiry.

Our faculty interests coalesce around four main clusters:

  1. Literature, Culture, and the Environment (LCE). Encourages bold solutions that reach beyond the technical and the short-term, to alternative modes of being and thinking about the climate crisis. Ecocriticism and the environmental humanities serve as new ways to read old cultural texts and are new discourses that profoundly inform contemporary cultural texts. 
  2. Race, Ethnicity, and Migration (REM). Explores the aesthetic and political forces that have created a multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial world. It introduces the intellectual traditions and debates surrounding the concepts of indigeneity, ethnicity, refuge, nationality, and race in the context of the history of migration and its contemporary manifestations. 
  3. Film and Screen Studies (FSS). Examines screen-based media, from cinema and television to game systems, computers, and smartphones though different social, political, and cultural contexts. This approach considers older forms of visual media, such as film and television, alongside new digital technologies, hardware, and software platforms. 
  4. STEM in Literature and Culture (SLC). Engages differing media forms to take on social issues and ethical dilemmas specifically related to fields in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine. This focus explores issues of bioethics, health and inequality; technology, surveillance, and infrastructure; computerization; and the politics of the internet. 

In addition, we have strong cohorts of faculty and students working on modernism, Asian American literature and culture, theatre and performance studies, early American literature, writing studies, and early modern fields.

To read the Graduate School Bulletin, the official guide to academic policies and procedures for Graduate School programs, click here.

Through our graduate programs, Stony Brook’s English Department participates in learning communities around the world. Professionals with Stony Brook English degrees teach in colleges and universities, secondary schools, present research at scholarly conferences, and write for specialized and general-interest audiences. You can read the profiles of our graduate alumni here.

Paradise Lost

To learn more, please visit the individual pages for the degree programs that interest you:

Master of Arts (MA)
Combined BA/MA
Master of Arts in Teaching English (MAT)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)